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First landing

Here Moya's shuttle approaches the planet where Crais first meets Crichton and condemns Aeryn as contaminated. Apparently this planet is much more cosmopolitan than most other places the crew of Moya visit, because there is a large population with a great variety of aliens and a marketplace where they are able to trade for the material they need to restore the damage done to Moya when the Peacekeeper control collar was removed.

Just about every time the crew of Moya visits a planet viewers are rewarded with some high quality scene setting. These images give some impression of what these look like, but there is a lot of detail included in these scenes such as actors and flying ships moving around between the foreground and background, and the attention paid to these transitions does a lot to set the scenes.

To tannot farm Tannot farm morning

Later the crew of Moya visit a planet where the citizens live amid pastoral scenery in a large building that looks as if it functions primarily as storage for their harvest. The local culture of this planet is dominated by the farming and collection of Tannot root which has become the both the sole crop and singular obsession of the people.

Desert repair base

After the modified Farscape pod is damaged during flight, Crichton flies it with he and Aeryn to a repair facility on the surface of the desert planet below. This shot is a particularly well handled one with a series of angles of view of the ship descending over inhabitants standing outside the visible structures and an animated stream of smoke spewing from the damaged pod as it approaches for landing.

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