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Images: Implosions

Found imploding ship

Ilanic experimentation with singularities as weapons for their protracted war against the Scorvians result in some incredibly intense implosion sequences. Fortunately, this is one of those episodes where the point of view gets repeatedly unstuck in time so not every scene actually happens. Like a lot of plot elements encountered on Farscape this is fairly tired material, but as usual the combination of good writing, quality performances, well done production and visual effects give the story a lot more interest than one might expect. It is really nice to be able to count on saying "Whoa, I didn't expect that to happen!" during a show, so kudos to those involved!

Shuttle implodes Moya implosion
Moya begins escape

This episode is resolved when the Illanic singularity weapon is taken from Moya, but is rendered unstable. Moya is forced to starbust immediately to avoid being drawn into the resulting massive implosion. This final space sequence is incredibly well done. Like a lot of the effects sequences, it is so well done that even a series of single frames does very little to capture the movement and composition of the piece, but the basic idea does come across. Yet more reasons to go watch Farscape directly from the Sci-Fi channel whenever possible!

Moya completes burst Finale implosion
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