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Images: Peacekeepers

Peacekeeper cruiser

The Peacekeepers function as a military machine, bringing order to the chaos, and occasionally the reverse, in their jurisdictions with swift and mighty action. They appear to be the primary interstellar authority in the area, and that is the main reason so much of Farscape occurs in uncharted areas where the main characters elude Peacekeeper involvement.

Peacekeepers society is made up of Sebaceans who are intolerant of interbreeding, and intensly focussed on maximizing their combat capabilities from their earliest years, which may be spent on warships in training. The extreme no-nonsense manner of the Peacekeepers adds intriguing elements to the overall setting. Unlike many fictional imperialists they are quite intimidating. Yet at the same time individual Peacekeepers are frequently humanized when seen apart from the collective whole. There is also a recurring theme of officers in authority abusing their positions. Add to that troubling questions raised about how the Peacekeepers collect the vast amounts of Tannot Root required to power their weapons systems, and what exactly Peacekeeper search parties are doing searching uncharted areas for a bodyhopping virus and it is clear this war machine is poised to bring about a great deal of dramatic change.

Peacekeeper cruiser Peacekeepers persue Moya

Peacekeeper equipment tends to be designed to be heavy and durable while also looking somewhat awesome. Peacekeeper ships, particularly the large Command Carriers such as this one that Commander Crais uses to chase Moya, are particularly intense examples of Peacekeeper design idiosyncracy.

Peacekeeper fleet Peacekeeper fleet
Zelbinion discovered

The greatest ship of the Peacekeeper fleets was the legendary Zelbinion, which was lost long ago, shortly after the dethroning of Rygel the sixteenth, the former Hynerian Dominar. The Zelbinion was the first ship Rygel was imprisoned on, and is where he was tortured by Durka, the Zelbinion's legendary and treacherous captain.

Zelbinion shields on Zelbinion shields up in time Zelbinion shields Moya

Protected by the partially reenabled shields of the grand old Peacekeeper ship, Moya is able to withstand an attack by Sheyang energy weapons.

Zelbinion shield buzz Zelbinion shield buzz

When their energy weapon attack fails, the Sheyang assault the ship with attack pods. One of these succeeds in transporting a Sheyang soldier to the Zelbinion, giving Aeryn a chance to show her ability to handle a rough situation.

Zelbinion, Sheyang incoming
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