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Espisodes: Durka Returns

Warning: Spoilers!

Nebari ship on Moya

This episode starts with some great scene setting effects, a mystery-enhancing introduction to a new race and character, and has lots of surprising conflict along the way.

One of the parts I thought was most engrossing was a dramatic moment toward the end where Durka flies the Nebari ship inside Moya's internal bay to point at Moya's hold and threatens to fire. Moments later, Durka's Nebari ship ends up getting sucked out the partially open outer door into space in an incredible effects sequence that actually shows atmosphere being sucked out in a haze that surrounds the ejected Nebari ship. Such attention to detail!

Several characters have performances that stand out in this episode, not least of which the part of Durka, who in many ways moves the story along through his actions. When Durka first meets with the crew of Moya Rygel becomes enraged and struggles with Crichton in a scene that is intense, and must have been incredibly difficult to pull off. Then drama develops around Crichton meeting with Chiana and the both of them attempting to manipulate each other. In two scenes major scenes with Chiana and Crichton they communicate most of the content of their discussion with their eyes. Gentle drama, of course, not being enough on its own there are also three scenes in this episode where Crichton has to make a major leap with some sort of explosion or decompression going on. Repeatedly the cast of this show display an incredible range of talent for dramic performance.

Nebari ship blowout Nebari ship adrift
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