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Characters: D'Argo

D'Argo with Aeryn in tree a dentic

The crew of Moya refer to their senior beef unit shipmate as Kar D'Argo, which makes me think that it could be quite intimidating to meet up with Truck D'Argo. Yikes!

Actually, taking a look at Anthony Simcoe's website, he spells it 'Ka D'Argo', so I guess I'm terribly American or something. That can happen. Oddly enough, in New England where I was raised "car" is commonly pronounced "kaah", which is sort of the opposite transformation. It was also kind of confusing to me at first that I kept hearing characters refer to "Durker" when the legendary commander of the Zelbinion came up in conversation, but he's "Durka".

D'Argo is oddly bony and he's got tenticles all over. His respiration reeks as fiercly as he behaves, yet he has a more sensitive sense of smell than the rest of the crew, even Crichton. His special sword doubles as a ray gun, which is one of the more classy new Space Opera elements that the creators of this series have come up with.

D'Argo tends to be aligned with Aeryn as a fighter rather than a thinker, and the way he comes closer Crichton over time as they confront various situations together is interesting. It is D'Argo who first gets Crichton to clean his mouth with a dentic.

Having helped Crichton to free D'Argo, a young alien boy gets a handshake from D'Argo at Crichton's prompting.

D'Argo with Crichton Boy shakes D'Aargo's hand D'Argo tongues Aeryn

One of the more interesting aspects of D'Argo's character is a long tongue that he can use to stun people. It turns out to be extremely useful, and is another example of a well done special effect in Farscape that must be hard to pull off, and yet does come across without breaking the suspension of disbelief. It's usually sudden as well, leaving the audience exclaiming "Cool!" as D'Argo's target slumps over.

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