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American Foundation for AIDS Research San Francisco AIDS Foundation Paralyzed Veterans of America
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General Safer Sex Mental Health Sleep Foundation sleep centers YouTube video: SIRA on Dangers of Sleeping Pills On The Brain: Merzenich Anat Baniel Method krispin: nutrition and health science sunlight and vitamin D sunlight [and vitamin] D Natural Standard Database (integrative medicine) Heart Scan Blog Vitamin D and Cholesterol Politics of the Plate (Barry Estabrook) Whole Health Source Blog Nephropal evolutionary health blog Nephropal evolutionary care testimony article crazy meds ask a patient needy meds psych education
Diet Raw paleo diet Paleo diet The China Study (about diet) Golden Barrel Fight Bac: Food safety education
Beyond Vegetarianism Vegan Vegan Fitness Vegan Bodybuilding
Ill Will Press on Fatkins Diet food dude Eat Wild Holding Ranch - ecologically sound meat source grass land beef Monterey Bay Aquarium: Seafood Watch Melatonin FAQ Coffee Research Celiac disease info including gluten content estimates Heart Scan Blog (Dr. William Davis) on Wheat Belly Mark's daily apple (diet info) Staffan Lindeberg Total Health Breakthroughs: Start running your body on the right fuel Food Safety News Food Safety (US Gov't) Mendocino Sea Vegetables Raw Food SOS Raw Food SOS: The China Study reviewed The Perfect Human Diet Documentary Hunter Gatherer: Health and human nature from an evolutionary perspective Fuck supplements ( Diabetes update blog Phlaunt Phlaunt diabetes and blood sugar control Junk Food Science Blog High Fat Nutrition Blog NCBI/NLM/NIH study of two alternative diets for glycemic control cures diabetes in some study participants Soy Milk Maker: nut milk, bean milk, and tofu lose the wheat lose the weight food myth busters
what's in soylent How I stopped eating food, a Rob Rhinehart article Soylent me: how to stop eating food including recipe for soylent - discussion of liquid food soylent (synthetic liquid food): month three crowd supported soylent product development campaign Ambro - organic meal replacement (similar to "soylent")
cultured food life wild fermentation indian fermented foods
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Official NIH US Office of Dietary Supplements National Weight Control Registry Culinary Institute of America
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Corporate Motherfucker History of Single Life
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Earth Loving Commune Hetemeel Why I Hate DC Blog
Baby Name Wizard Baby Name Wizard Name Voyager (Java) Warner Williams (colorful artist) Great Cat Names
Bacon Show on Blogspot (bacon every day) Black People Love Us Things In Rubbers Engrish
Hanzi Smatter (tatoo blog?) North Korea News Archive Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster TVIV, also


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e-cat electronic catalyst site e-cat electronic catalyst canada site ecat electronic catalyst official site energycatalyzer3 rossi cold fusion
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Apple Mac Addict Mac Fix It 12" PowerBook G4 Revealed accoustic pc sound optimized computer equipment intel atom board on silent pc review com
Intellivision Lives Keyboards including traditional IBM PC style Computer History Museum Rate My Network Diagram Netsukuku: robust distributed network Serval Project: robust pervasive network
VOIP Info RFID Analysis Euromobility PC Keyboard
geeks computer stuff store silicon mechanics computer server equipment new egg computer store surplus computers (site requires scripting) superlogics computer store system 76 computers tiger direct computer store VIA circuit boards and more Shuttle computers and components Kiosk PCs Drobo data storage devices
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Open Make Zine Open source hardware guide 2009 opengraphics org My Open Router ethernut de contraptor cube spawn fab at home maker beam rep rap milky mist org - far out open hardware maker beam - open source building biotanicalls - making plants phone home Open Moko commercial Open Moko org Fix Ya: Manuals, Support, Troubleshooting Getting Started with Arduino at MakeZine Arduino playground for Linux Arduino Tutorials Arduino Shield List Beagle board Leopard board (imaging) Hacktronics arduino forum on DASH7 opentag localization hub ModernDevice JeeNode kit SparkFun break out boards FutureLec components DigiKey components JeeLabs JeeMon software intro JeeLabs JeeMon software repository Dick Best Electronics Embedded ARM Bifferboard small single board computer Jee Labs: secure transmissions Jee Labs: RF12 communication MakerShed Seeeduino details HopeRF RFM12B tranceiver Jee Labs HopeRF electronics for wireless make: x0xb0x Willzyx Music adafruit industries: electronics, tools, community Chumby Chumby Wiki Chumby Forums Microcontroller LED Cube Matrix Driver Sensor Wiki konceptech cool adjustable LEDs


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why docker? slideshare docker - open source software container system docker: getting started linked data JSON-LD JSON-LD wiki users list
Programs Mozilla Open Wiki Tiki Wiki Open Office Subversion
Climate Prediction Network Fink Bugzilla Gimp Apache sendmail freedesktop Clikz Domain Keys article
World Community Grid Stanford Distributed Folding Computation lbnamed, a load balancing name server written in Perl
Biota, artificial life Slashter Search Engine Watch P and L software
Yellow Gorilla Image Zoom Virtual Dub Snarkles (sneak and more) Webmonkey Off the record messaging for Instant messaging
Music Chaos Atlantis: marine data converted into ambient music Linux sound org Songbird music player Songbird nest wiki scratch live network (music, no linux) serato thread on scratchlive not coming to linux unless there is "enough demand" ableton live (music, no linux) Propellerheads Software (music, no linux) freewheeling at sourceforge: musical playground that works on linux fluidsynth based on soundfont 2 specifications at resonance ardour: digital audio workstation for mac and linux audio and music software for linux Ubuntu Studio: derivative linux distribution with media software included Native Instruments -- makers of such as FM8, the digital synthesis program
Video DivX AVIcodec Doom9 Video LVS linux video linux v4I2 video MPEG4IP vlmc video editor pitivi nonlinear video editor daala - open next generation video codec
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Diablo II Fan Site Planet Half-Life Second Life Active Worlds Dismount Games
World of Warcraft ThottBot - World of Warcraft database Cosmos World of Warcraft UI WoW Wiki WoW Census WoW Rankings Warcraft Realms WoW Vault IGN Video Game Maps net
Project Entropia Pure Pwnage Ashen Empires
Inform Fiction System Experimental Gameplay Project at CMU analysis of doom3 code base
Social Nation States (Jennifer Government) ERepublik social strategy game vscape multiplayer online game massively - MMO gaming site Western Wars Shadow Figure Blacknova Traders ( Blacknova Traders (
Fate Lords Web Strike Unification Droid Wars Earth Game Ferion Fiefedom Foundation Game Furcadia Broken Lands Unity Wars War Fleet Web Earth Online DominateGame Source Map Source (HL2, etc)
Chronic Logic (makers of bridge building game) Boom Games (browser games?) IOQuake3
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Vorbis Ventrella Darwin Pond
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The Demoroniser: correct bad HTML TrendMicro HouseCall Online Virus Scan Sysinternals
Yes, I have no tomatoes (game) fraud of xequte Blender Blender: Orange
Cryptography: GNU PG silent circle tails cypherpunks OTR truecrypt bleachbit
Internet Yahoo developer network Speakeasy Speed Test Global Broadband Speed Test FastMail net email service redecentralize - attempts to decentralize the net what is my IP?
Companies Omni Group BEA
Linux Linux org Linux com The Linux Foundation Linux alternatives Li Tux Red Hat Debian Slackware SuSe Caldera Turbo Linux Linux Lookup GPE linux to go MakeLinux Kernel Map (interactive) Linux Virtual Server parted magic - linux distro for manipulating partitions and the file systems that persist within them, yea verily Linux Printing resources linux base linux foundation linux base products for download (linux distribution qualification guidelines)
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Building KDE with SVN building KDE for starters buildng KDE on debian releases KDE forum for users Silicon Valley Linux Users Group
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tilestack (hypercard-like web app)
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w3counter site global statistics on browser and system use trendhunter - trends and stuff Promoting women increases profits from research and development, possibly by being more democratic and balanced OpenID recipes from Plaxo Reaching America's Health Potential -- Study finds close link between health and education Legofesto photo stream on Flickr - political lego protest art The Duke Nukem List gizmodo space lego timeline Come Home, America by William Greider from Common Dreams Original Come Home, America article in The Nation Harvard Business Review Rising Tides Competition -- responses to rising sea levels RocketAware programming resources Aff Helper: Affiliate help for internet businesses--mostly about money from clicks, but still seems real ESB Sustainability Caustic Graphics: Realtime Raytracing Vala for GNOME Yorba - nonprofit GNOME/Ubuntu developers Naked Capitalism Cfinder: Clusters and Community Finder network analysis program SocketSite special election thread Skeptics Annotated Bible KOffice Gives Me Hope dot com Financial Crisis Observatory community based harassment article in citizensoulpower down for everyone, or just me WPA 2.0 competition IDS 400sqft home for two competition Design IT shelter competition David Bordwell net--film, film history, film theory The FDR Failed Myth in Our Future you work for them always with honor Wiser Earth, a community of action pictures for sad children PsyBlog The Situationist What Matters, by McKinsey Digital Honduras Crisis org: info regarding 2009 "junta" Detroit development advocacy site Yerba Buena Center for the Arts DShort mobile form factors: common building block laptop standards good guide: advice on sustainable sourcing asmundur flickr photostream including Iceland HDRs Naked Capitalism btrfs filesystem wiki druginfonet on trazadone Frey Vinyards: Mendocino organic wine top ten information infrastructure mistakes Ant Web leo geo time beat clock thingy Lovely Listing: amusing real estate pics ROS robot operating system on sourceforge Oakland crime spotting site with maps new geography Air Barrier Association of America Urban Land Institute Los Angeles Losing the West How Full is Your Bucket (book site) USA Trilobites (fossils) Indiana 9 Fossils Who are they: 538 on lib rebubs and cons demos Encyclopedia of Life Free The Slaves: activism against slavery Ashraf Ghani Love Blog digital blasphemy pixel girl presents rentbits: collected listings and statistics Making Fiends on YouTube Rune Stone: Asatru Folk Assembly (pre-Christian spirituality) 100 abandoned houses (around Detroit) cable car museum OReilly Open Books Project Dreams With Sharp Teeth: a film about Harlan Ellison Find A Credit Union Good Short Novels a book about death Consumer Lab Medline: CAM on PubMed Mitch Kapor on Bringing Design to Software common census project OEM technology electronic surplus Annexia peer to peer online game invented city for travel rentals The Mannahatta Project brickshelf lego fan stuff lug net lego fan site the peoples cube neville recording enluxled LED store affineon lighting - wikked LEDs buffalo tech, makers of linkstation and stuff marvell com sheeva plug computer computing plugs wiki for plug computing earth org notes on sheeva plug computer bubba server small efficient computer flesh and spirit not breathing deviant synth the harvest man org the harvest man org - strange noises buzz-r-electronics strange odd peculiar and abnormal electronic machineries bay area home girl Benkler org (lawyer, author) money driven medicine documentary about US medical care taxi to the dark side: film about US torture practices That's my face -- get items with your face on them taken from photos overthinkingit annoying but funny overthink mister nice hands Patrick Moberg - artist, illustrator list of 50 interesting articles on wikipedia Niall Ferguson, journalist and author la concina sf - food word origins org totally looks like (separated at birth?) Is Glenn Beck manipulating the gold market kitchen by the hour (hayward) of two minds blog the stealth blimp - huge floating triangle evil conservatives -- rawr! Cecil Bothwell's blog Biography North Korean News (English) Canadian writer beaten by US agents at border Tax Foundation Before Its News Kickstarter Massage Technology: Tony Drake's San Jose Massage R-Project: statistical computing and plotting software New World Encyclopedia entry for Dialectic Toothpaste for Dinner (humor) US Antarctic Program H+ Magazine Farallones Pacific Institute Soren Gordhamer, meditations on modern work
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Thomas P M Barnet alibaba electronics seeedstudio 60mm 8*8 led matrix usable devices dangerous prototypes The J Curve - Jurvetson Urban Ecology Future Sea Level Bauer Financial (bank ratings) Chris Conrad on SB420 Child Abuse (noise band) blog Child Abuse (noise band) MySpace Clark Little Photography Jaron Lanier Aaron Koblin: Flight Patterns Sigma Forum: Science Fiction Research Repo Man Script Vlad Artazov Nail Art PCR at current protocols super struct game science at PositScience the naked scientists Science on Saturday Gumption: Science Signtific open science site Synthesis open tech Health Map outbreak tracking Nature: How to use personal genomic data Master Ink Painters in 20th Century China exhibition at Cantor Center Systems Biology Markup Language Systems Biology Graphical Notation BioModels net Sepia Town Krebs on Security Stanford University Entrepreneurship Corner First Republic Bank San Francisco lending prestige index Cryptome (temporary siteprotect location) 350: a site about climate change that sets a goal for atmospheric CO2 levels (IMO nice, a good start, but misguided in various ways) Financial Armageddon: all your economy are belong to--*whoops*, *smash* ... nevermind Wikinvest Retail Info Systems News PragCap Pragmatic Capitalist Investment U Afiara String Quartet UC Berkeley: Conversations with History Catechism of the Revolutionist Feast of Hate and Fear Hometown Peninsula local business advocacy Earth Impact Effects Program Map Algebra software Robert Axelrod's home page at U Mich U Mich Center for the Study of Complex System Complexity Science Focus at the university of Southampton UK pogono link (bear word!) Doukhobor geneology and history Molokans DreamWidth studios Archive of our own OS Con OStatic Tobacco Documents Very Important Potheads me on the housing bubble blog with a pedantic response to aladinsane Real [Estate] Data SF Blog at Pegasus Ventures Ursula Vernon - The Biting Pear of Salamanca - popularly known as LOL WUT The Oakland Institute (think tank) Wireless Power Consortium Combustion in the Rainforest: Energy and Economy for a Sustainable Environment (general resources, POV heavy) TuxMobile - linux install and config Linux on Laptops Laptop Reviews Online Pax Scientific - efficient liquid mixers USA National Phenology Network - Nature's Notebook USGS Phenology main site Amen Clinic Miya Ando (artist) Bryant Street Gallery (Palo Alto) Nedroid Shroomery Weed Tracker Your Country On Drugs Gadget Greats Agape Tea Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2600 online--classic Atari experience Wakoopa: software tracking network Gramps Project - Open Geneology Software Life Lines geneology software Roots Web Falling Rain Scientific Learning Brain Based Business Brain Leaders and Learners Get Rich Slowly: Financial Advice UNDP international statistics The Speculist Blog (speculation) Makerbot Cupcake Marshmallow [tower design] Challenge Richard Florida in The Atlantic on how Smart Work and Smart Cities Pay IPCC Predictions of Global Mean Temperature Botanical Guide Adherents and Religion: Most in prison are Baptist or Catholic who were not practicing when arrested Crimes of Persuasion John T Reed: advice publisher and stuff John T Reed: shopping list for millionaires ARRIVAL project for transportation efficiency Imminst Immortality Institute: unlimited lifespan research and advocacy Death Wheel 3000DX Ceph distributed filesystem details Information about nutritional supplements USDA NRCS Soil Biology Site JWZ DNA Lounge mix tapes Bob Altemeyer's - The Authoritarians, political analysis of the American extreme right wing from sunny Manitoba Money buys unhappiness Norman Lear Center Ready to Share project
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ThinkCursor jakonrath blog - modern genre publishing Media Futurist Clay Shirky blog and stuff Looking for Gold (blog) pamplemoose (some kind of blog? whatever) Jason Yungbluth on What Is Deep Fried What do you think, my friend? Writings on Buddhism Chade-Ming Tan personal site Cafe SciSV Bare Footers Society
Food and diet Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity Induction Stove Induction Cooking Bitter Melon, a tasty vegetable Council for Agricultural Science and Technology Foundation for Food Irradiation Education Egg Nutrition Center: Research and education
The Alexandrian Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford The Atlantic: Is Google making us stupid? LabSoft News Dark Daily Grow Seed - Heritage Wheat Conservancy
Society and Mind Social Issues Research Center Mind and Life Institute Accidental Mind The Reason Project: Thoughts about religious issues Project Reason: spreading science and secular values Sam Harris: thinker, author The Social Age Conditioning Research blog Positive Sharing Co-operation : social politics site Global Trust Center Altruists org HRSA Stop Bullying Now Pay It Forward Movement The Good Side Of US I Love You Guys Workplace Bullying Institute
The Oil Drum: The Deepwater spill as a long term event Trees Full of Money: How deep water oil wells are drilled Metaverse Journal RibbonFarm: digital security and red queen Slow Death By Rubber Duck Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest Daily Otter Vices are not Crimes SF Streets Blog Edge Perspectives on Industry analysis of the Shift index John Seely Brown, Deloitte Center for the Edge Chief of Confusion Management Lab Threadless (apparel) Orchid photos San Mateo County Enforcement audio feed White Walls SF ART ART ART RevK me UK - some telecom guy The Dragonfly Effect Truth-Out Berkeley researchers reveal conservativism Language Tags in HTML and XML Trauma Queen Net Smart Recovery RSA Animate Cognitive Media UK Terra Sigillata/Abelpharmboy science blog A blog around the clock/Coturnix science blog Speakeasy Science, a blog about culture and chemistry Neuron Culture science blog
Geoscience American Geophysical Union science blog: The Plainspoken Scientist Clastic Detritus - geology science blog Mountain Beltway geoscience blog Highly Allochthonous geoscience blog
Obesity Panacea White Coat Underground science blog with Peter Lipson The Primate Diaries In Exile after changing hosts (science blog) The Quantum Pontiff - Theoretical Musings science blog Scicurious science blog The Dispersal of Darwin science blog Rebecca Skloot science and culture blog Superbug, the blog: antibiotic resistance and things we do to make it worse Brian Switek, blogger Thus Spake Zuska blog Myrmecos Blog - because the little things matter Mass extinction underway Santa Clara County Toastmasters Dr. Malcom Kendrick Essays on Thincs
Health and medicine New England Centarian study Whole Health Source Blog Dr. Briffa - health information Testing Treatments: Better research for better health care (PDF) Worst Pills, Best Pills: Drug info from Public Citizen's Health Research Group worst pills medicine warnings: wait until seven years after a drug introduction to risk taking it Institute for Health Freedom Undoctored Health Health Habits Lab at Stanford Immunization Info Instinct to Heal: Natural approaches to stress, anxiety, and depression by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber Anticancer Ways by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber Patients Like Me Institute for Hospital Improvement The Hospitalist Institute of Medicine lots of detailed Vitamin D information California hospital comparison (nonprofit) Consumer Reports Health Hospital comparisons HHS Leap Frog Group health care quality rating Health Grades ratings Saint Jude Medical
Tech Central Station Obesity crisis? Oh, never mind Spiked online Dreamwidth Bond Dad Blog Meet Downtown Oakland Skeptical Science: arguments reviewed BP oil slick blog A Biopunk Manifesto Subprime Solution by Robert Schiller on Google Docs History of a Housing bubble 27 reasons why you should never have a job Cloud bus grid computing Adverse Childhood Experiences Study Merchants of Deception: Amway revealed TrailMeme This Week in Blackness We Are Respectable Negroes blog Angry Black Bitch blog Origins of so-called ground zero mosque manufactured controversy Oglaf drinking wine from enemy skulls Fixed Earth against astrophysics and evolution Caliber SF The TenderBlog - about SF Tenderloin GigaOm: LOL, internet Who Is Your City? by Richard Florida Coase Institute They Believed They Were Special - jeremybrooks on FlickR eMedicine on bedbugs Dr. BG Animal Pharm blog Evo Studies The Heart The Singularity Institute Singularity Hub Singularity University Multipliers (book) Recomp blogma: Nutritional blogma Science Blogs Science Blogging Scientopia Andropause Specialist Health News Review David Ropeik, author of How Risky Is It Really?Rojer Pielke Jr. blog Roger Pielke Jr. blog: It is not about science, but values
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Law and the Multiverse: law applied to comic fiction ArchDaily - architecture stuff Henry Mintzberg, management dickweed Nutrient schedules on weed guru New American City Art We Love CitiWire Net Skull a Day blog The Smarth Growth Manual on google books Gregory Ward: Linguistics and gay culture David Is Going To Die artblog Top Documentary Films Axis Maps neave neave imagination Tartan Registry Tolerance org hidden homophobia unit Grant Kot: liquid simulations and stuff transmaterial net A guide to GIT using spacial analogies Artician: an art sharing site without the deviants effects of cannabis on consciousness Drugs profiles: testosterone-propionate Drugs profiles: deca-durabolin Drugs profiles: trenbolone acetate Rx Health Drugs: Clomid What you need to know about HGH Mesomorphosis physique drug info site Elite Fitness steroid info and discussion bodybuildingpro picture forum Don Youngblood forums steroids com i-steroids com Tetrahydrogestrinone on wikipedia Ball Belly Bear Simple Desktops TechShop: make stuff NoiseBridge: hack stuff Global Entrepreneurship Monitor SF Property Market visualized as colorful circles and loops Khana Academy free educational videos GIF explode Stop The Spraying (How toxic is Corexit?) Chris Cold at deviant art Fantastic art of Luca Oleastri Basho Riak - open source scalable data store CouchDB at Apache CRM114 Dimensions Guide Teh Vaporizer AGU Journals: Global Biochemical Cycles Ian's shoe lace site grant kot multifactorial Liquid simulation Garrison Institute for social change Vaporization thread on WeedTracker Cannabis therapudics detailed accounts of usage variations TRENDS in Pharmacological Science (TIPS) at Cell Press Alaska bird beak deformity outbreak Radiant loops visual thing Nature pics: nudibranchs MVRDV at Dezeen Flouride Alert john holmes classic IPXE open source startup firmware awkward stock photos Star flash visuals Gravity Engine The Monkeys You Ordered - New Yorker cartoons with alternative captions Weave Silk: interactive art tool Shinichi Maruyama art with ink and water Touch Trigonometry Album Art Exchange Food porn daily H.P. Lovecraft site including writings online batch PCB custom printed circuit boards CADSoftUSA makers of CADSoft EAGLE for PCBs, etc Graph TK HTML5 graphing tool Kore Secure network security articles Epiphenom: science of religion and non-belief Neurocritic blog Dave Mead Where did my tax dollars go? Variety of Arduino tutorials ArsTechnica article on making music on Linux Unpleasant facts Raiazome: civilization failure wiki Catabolic Collapse by John Michael Greer, a theory of how civilizations fail Terry Tao blog (math) Larry Cheng's 2011 venture capital blog directory Kule Kat LED grow light guide LED grow lights outlet blank-label custom dress shirts California sewn product manufacturing resouces from Fashion Incubator apperal search fabric link population pyramid net Rawganique - products for a fragile planet including organic cotton jeans LGBTrees community map Lessons for the Young Economist by Robert P Murphy psychedelic interactive dot mongering How to set up a KDE development environment reddit top 200 books Modern Machine Shop Online CNC Concepts, Inc ToolingU fabrication training Systems Thinker Train Mountain Voynich Central Moving Mandalas from light weaver Getting started with MeeGo Perry Bible Fellowship Comics Gay Kamasutra Citizendium - rescuing information from Wikipedia delitionists Progopedia - programming information Effectuation - effectual reasoning site (for advancing entrepreneurship) PaleoHacks Weston A. Price Foundation: traditions in food, farming and the healing arts GNU Guile extension language news Tile Mill: It uses existing libraries: OSR, Mapnik, OpenLayers; it uses existing data formats: shapefiles, GeoTIFF, GeoJSON, KML. One of the main 'new things' it introduces is Carto, the stylesheet language - which was heavily inspired by Cascadenik, but born out of the need for more speed, error reporting, and coordination with Mapnik. Grass Roots Health Bully Online support resources Evolutionary Psychiatry blog Evolvify blog thing ... not sure Angry Arab News Service blog
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Group Stalking, also known as Blacklisting, McCarthyism, The Red Scare, Cause Stalking, Mobbing, Stalking By Proxy, and The Politics of Personal Destruction Educate yourself: group stalking electronic harrassment stalking victims
Bicknell's Village Builder old construction plans at Havdis at SoundCloud: arctic ambiance Software By Rob on Expenses when starting a business Rat Park: Addiction as situation, not disease opiod chemistry documentation sleep monitor provides ideal wake point Diavolino customizable arduino compatible printed circuit board and components kit from evilmadscientist London tube map (accurately portrayed) hyperbole and a half, cartoon and source of the famous "... all the things" image Reddit MLP drawing school Linux beard -- legendary hairy coders Sanborn 1905 insurance maps of San Francisco as covered by Burrito Justice Deconcrete - architecture and stuff Slowing down the consumer treadmill with mindfulness from the humanist line architecture blog design boom stair porn not cot make lab: home architizer blog architechnophilia contemporist: architecture AIA architecture blog dornob - architecture design porn Oakland crime spotting resource nimby space On The Spiral discussions of value INTJ Forum all star trek episodes California redistricting first draft culture-omics blocked in china net Group stalking of Daniel Lee, Korean rapper MeetUp: useful but annoying cult Prison Nation summary of the plight of US prisoners Better Market Street SF project Many cool open souce games UMich Taubman architecture software tutorials mini wonders from Christopher Boffoli on awesome-robo Calitics Byliner Long Reads Long form: articles of length aldaily color of change advocacy group coffee geek Michael Hudson: The Euthanasia of Industry Investment manager view of the top 1% Tip The Pizza Guy Life Course: insight timelines into turnings of generations in anglo-american history FreeForm computer language Perl6 feature comparison Panda, a Perl6 module thingy pop matters exposition of mythic elements in the shining collative learning analysis of the shining collative learning review of a clockwork orange collative learning review of eyes wide shut handheld linux shop GTA04 open linux phone Andre Michelle sound and visuals lab Vasyl Virastyuk pictures on bear mythology net bird eye view of oakland in 1900 on bigmapblog biographies of the victims of the 2011 07 terror attacks in norway the big list of porn Adam Crum Art Jared Diamond: The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race at scribd Wild Intent proof wiki coolness BOINC: system for volunteer and grid computing Scouting New York Alter Brooklyn at blogspot supermarket hq hickoree's hard goods cool material maxx & unicorn Parallax cool stuff store Return Infinity software, makers of BareMetal Node and OS, Parallax OS, Pure64 Theracane exercises Think On That Price Squares: SF real estate cost metrics and trends Events at HackerDojo Christopher Olah: The Real 3D Mandelbrot Set massive black: concept art Octal time concept Shapes of CSS at Graphwar: fun game building plans, mostly for farming The Punchline is Machismo: Manly men doing Manly things grand narrative of civilization at wildintent Jeremy Grantham quarterly letters the variety of American street grids at discovering urbanism blog Hyperpolyglot scripting languages comparison Academic Earth: lectures from many sources reddit list activity bears vs musclebears comparison from survey at noodles and beef perl file slurping How to change your luck how advances in technology may change humanity Bikes Direct, internet bike retailer Celestia astronomy imaging NASA space server Heavens Above astronomy imaging Raspberry Pi small PC board project Complexity and Urban Coherence SF funcheap do 415 events SF Gate slick: the list fecal face laughing squid travel san francisco events plant trees squid list events new balance minimus shoes, in cooperation with vibram for outsole Adams Point Action Council - crime and other issues in the area deletionpedia: pages deleted from wikipedia download english wikipedia Autism risk management shut up little man worldometers info Crains New York City facts flip hole male masturbation tool plos plos blogs plos neuroanthropology blog science based running leptin keeps weight off mister epidemiology: not a skin doctor green glue company: noise reducing glue product quiet rock sound insulating drywall acoustical surfaces soundproofing and noise control solutions including acousti-gasket tape practical tips on writing from authors wrong planet net autistic advocacy thinking autism guide good men project history of non-medical drug use in the US six servings: grain industry propaganda trying to get people to eat poison Detroit Urbex open democracy net end trans discrimination
Ender's Game ender's game as pornography D: creating the innocent killer - critique of ender's game ender and hitler: sympathy for the superman (20 years later) salon: donna minkowitz interview of orson scott card understanding the missing empathy of ender's game author
obsolete skills better economic systems: speculative article iiususiraja - some kind of art involving social commentary bear chat roulette Famous Curves Index The Money Illusion - Monetary Policy Blog rainy mood Eichler brochures at totheweb catchmaster bug traps taskrabbit: get other people to do necessary things get other people to help you to do things Electric Coin Validator North Fair Oaks Now county plan for area improvement super creepy pokemon hack post post comparitive architecture spirit level is junk science, says super economy blog spirit level is junk science continued, from super economy blog spirit level author admits no corellation betwen inequality and life expectancy fistful of science blog Rands in Repose 43 folders ... mann blog you the user: you and your job presentation zen against the grain open signal maps - cell phone service coverage Lapham's Quarterly David Brin blog someone else will put it back replicant: android compatible free software project morituri - accuracy oriented CD ripping software open space trust activities: outings including the California Coastal Trail how star wars should have ended -- thoughts on the social setting of star wars evolution of cooperation on the entropy of reddit on amerika: good summary of the crowd destroying what it values merrit [college] landscape horticulture GLSL programming wikibook arcsynthesis graphics visualization programming arduino LED grid italicaromana blog: digital renderings of roman architectural classics We are the 99% tumblr blog the gay animal kingdom discussed in seed magazine slow science: time to think LKML linux security article yay radioactive toothpaste star treck minutiae: star ship recognition protocols merzo net interactive starship comparison dastrom institute starship size comparisons starship size comparison charts at star trek minutia east bay home cooking food swap mer project - inclusive open wireless platform architecture of motivation at the reign of the one percenters from orion magazine Michael Wolf photos of Hong Kong architecture the dot connector nifty animated graphic explaining sine and cosine John Kay: the map is not the territory; an essay on the state of economics alpha z merge economic simulations the rawness - some kind of blog food timeline newgeography: the white city Central Market Arts fine structure (fiction) humble bundle - game packages K Mandla blog (computing and stuff) Ethan Zuckerman on the economic complexity index mojolicious - perl web application framework DIY MFLB under twenty bucks Joel Pomerantz on the "clean secret" of buried hydrology in San Francisco free game alliance history of La Honda male-pulchritude masculine images on tumblr Oakland gardening volunteers FT article: Is it important to work? internet peer review prepan - social cpan preview site strange maps blog convergence - a strategy to replace certificate authorities museum replicas after the final curtain: shuttered theaters Open Compute Project: open hardware designs for computing services example-code from chilcat logan porn comics New Yorker Cartoon: You run into a window, too? reprog with technical reasons to hate git archive of interesting code men struggling to drink milk blog Fortune Sales - quote defense gear unquote true swords - serious blades Sam Harris on violence Tony Blauer no nonsense self defense - Marc MacYoung Chiron Training - Rory Miller urban combatives - Lee Morrison Geoff Thompson green bug all natural repellant spray webgl landscaping and erosion rich soil on heating a person instead of a space Frank Miller on anarchy 2011 11 philip k dick quotes on good reads perl 6 development: object oriented features muck rock: submit freedom of information act requests and follow their progress stop waste entry for A-Z recycling in oakland markem-imaje - big date marking equipment company businessweek article on politics of fishing online home in the netherlands perlmeme: spreading perl zipmap: maps of zip codes firefox tools for web developers firefox addon development XUL mozilla development wow slash commands on wowwiki tweeting too hard the geo exchange: geothermal heat pump installation information ring central - phone answering and such grasshopper - telecom services cut out people - images for renderings Perl Tutorial site Modern Perl book enlightened perl opscode chef - some kind of cloud programming thingy ovid new perl book perlbrew cinematic mod for half-life2 pinouts: pinout collection site unicorn free: non magical advice for commercial activity smart bear blog startup genome: characterizing startup success parameters simple diagrams software by rob founders block college of lockpicking at eventbrite houzz design site the evolved self-management system techonomy - some sort of tech thing tagxedo tag generator site collection of free culture links and faqs on reddit Lasersaur open source laser cutter project open hardware org including open hardware journal batchpcb circuit board fabrictors BFXR sound effects generator lime technology, makers and supporters of servers that use unraid The New Atlantis: Getting Over the Code Delusion The New Atlantis: The Unbearable Wholeness of Beings The New Atlantis: What Do Organisms Mean? zerohedge: 50 scary US economic numbers from 2011 explore data net: home of MINE -- Maximal Information-based Non-parametric Exploration arduino controlled under cabinet lighting project Sleep Deficit: The Performance Killer at HBR real clear markets: finance now exists for its own benefit Vaclav Havel on unknowability cal newport blog: flow is the opiate of the mediocre underground stairs house NASA code site magical robot: vytas sunspiral on ... stuff Chua circuit simulator urban reinventors archive Garmin GPS locator VectorTrack GPS bike tracker origins of envy at the american macieira discusses the sorry state of dynamic libraries on linux reddit discussion of dynamic libraries on linux billion prices project at MIT open economics net help guide for dealing with bullying gnuplotting - site documenting usages of gnuplot free plot generating graphics called r focused on quality matplotlib, another free plot generating graphics tool focused on quality ggplot2, a tool for using r to generate graphics information is beautiful net information is beautiful awards Introduction to modern OpenGL from Durian Software edmond optics tensor products explained studies in emergent order deciding to be better by marshall brian marshall brian com personal site (how stuff works guy) you are not so smart the benjamin franklin effect at you are not so smart, an extreme mind-spork The Golden Path: philosophical elements of Frank Herbert's Dune books stack overflow stack exchange strip-appeal: an appeal to make strip malls more appealing Bertrand Russell and the conquest of happiness Ellsworth Kelly at MOMA Edward L. Glaeser, Harvard professor papers beat the press blog at cepr net beat detection for LEDs discussed on tDCS plans beards from below scandanavia and the world comic atrazine lovers: anti-atrazine site collapse of the south american jack mackerel fishery as reported by decline of the empire animaclock online world of wrestling bios Burgh Diaspora Blog telestrian urban data platform open plans org build a better burb proof wiki - math joy meen comics on the spiral Kevin Kelly: The Technium michael nielsen journal publishing reform same facts blog nostalgic impressions - writing gear Macro Resilience economic discussions Celitement, a modern form of cement Calera, green, carbon-absorbing cement old urbanist blog u build a book - custom book printers self publishing house - custom book printers book bayby - custom book publishers blurb - make a book online edition one books - custom book makers book printing revolution - custom book printers los angeles printing service custom book printing the key printing and binding oakland streets blog boffi - kitches, baths, storage drawing architecture - tumblr fuck yeah brutalism - tumblr archimaps - tumblr middle class political economist blog place shakers urban issues blog FreeBSD pkgng package manager Larry Dunbar Small Wars Journal on the siral blog Azizonomics blog housing and transportation costs index git scm main site aspie site for aspberger's info pro git book git user manual git tutorial online Martus - secure information management tool that allows you to create a searchable and encrypted database and back this data up remotely to your choice of publicly available servers Benetech - technology serving humanity ushahidi - google maps incidents plotter thinking styles microworld: make loans directly to poor people micro entrepreneurs car free in big d: revealing graphics of downtown travel and usage patterns cool town studios - creative class blog, or some such ren gen--renaissance generation--the rise of the cultural consumer creativity for life diary of a ninja: DNS for developers Future of Humanity Institute Marshall McLuhan Speaks site software garden wikicalc Lake Merrit from the air on Flickr Patent for systems and methods for determining a value of an intellectual asset portfolio article on monitoring linux servers IGDA: why crunch mode doesn't work alternet: 40 hour work week for sanity classic art edited for modern body types potabo: making fun of common english mispronounciations 100 year old paper plane things magazine John Nash on nonconformity no longer quivering - tales of home schooling The Outsiders at The Prometheus Society Nassim Nicholas Taleb at The Edge: The Fourth Quadrant: A map of the limits of statistics synaptic stimuli Fashion Incubator: all kinds of information about the garment industry--highly informative institute for the future metropoly and the story of oakland stamen maps: skins for making openstreepmap maps beautifully rendered urban life signs blog spur: urbanism think tank perl plack: application service layer eigenvalues and vectors thread bulknews at typepad: tatsuhiko miyagawa - perl and pads and more getting psgi and plack article coworking wiki thrivability site (book, concept, and so on) mojolicious wiki testosterone pit - some kind of blog Federal Reserve Economic Data site (FRED) the dirty normal sex blog discovering urbanism blog (canadian) civil politics: a site for discussing ways of making politics more effective for everyone universal construction kit key speakers - speakers for hire toastmasters - public speaking group Phil Hart bioluminescence and weather phenomena gallery lesson research net at mills college Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative ultra web site hosting billing client area US wind map VX Wiki: technology, information, or something else? vx wiki: the orange book raw story: climate change is a moral issue Notch's new space game today I was bullied stop the u pitt bomb threats blog regarding a series of bomb threats at u pitt mosquitoes: alameda county mosquito abatement Aerotropolis on Google Books Post-Communist Nostalgia on google books STPBear kubuntu to be sponsored by blue systems startup compass blog: data driven analysis of the process of starting up companies bulk usb flash drives: the bambeautiful USB super store bamboo square sticks founders institute: help for building great companies list of startup accelerator programs at shedd blog why we love sociopaths on the new inquiry open heat map: JQuery API for making spreadsheet data into color overlays for maps from the open street map project 22 free tools for data visualization and analysis IRS 280 section E reform American Banker Earliest uses of some words in mathematics qdot lightstone USB libraries on github city data old pics of oakland IOQuake3 models site perl weekly the reproducability project at open science framework Psychology File Drawer: a repository of repeated studies beard team usa: beard awareness, celebration, and competition polabs at poscope: postuff like pokeys, poscope, ponet and other such po po po sciencescape: lots of science! neuroscience of need: understanding the addicted mind how to avoid unicode pitfalls in mojolicious at mojolicious: passing variables to templates through the stash Chris Hecker: Please finish your game modern 3d graphics programming book at arcsynthesis postgresguide: a curated guide to postgresql Charlie Stross: Common misconceptions about publishing the funded: venture capital information Apollo and Gemini guidance computer source code and manuals autism risk management CDC ACE study this land press typesetting with latex tex catalogue online the practex journal tex users group: getting started with tex tex doc online ace monster toys - an east bay hacker space ace monster toys laser cutter page sudo room, a hacker space in oakland wikiquote maxims and such from Francois de La Rochefoucauld Nick Szabo's home page and best essays unenumerated blog why cannabis is illegal, an article at drugwarrant development of the c language at bell labs Thomas Kuhn: The structure of scientific revolutions multimedia wiki handy ffmpeg encoding cheat sheet prime beef tumblr archive: lots of big bear meat favicon generator Herb Spice Tea - SF Bay Area bulk spice, herb, and tea dealers mozilla crash reporter through mozilla zine firefox crashes resources from mozilla zine ubuntu mozilla team bug reporting instructions including stack backtrace retrieval feed me rainbows: fun psych-dance on vimeo this is why I'm broke straight white male, the lowest difficulty setting there is CMU mobile commerce lab Live Hoods - neighborhood clusters mapped through Foursquare transactions live hood analytics revealed at creativeapplications MIT open courseware: urban studies and planning Project VRM: Vender Relations Management for customers paint-sculpt: sculpting skin texture sculpture depot composimold A world without copyright Dr Dobbs report on LLVM BOSE speakers revealed to be rather nasty man cast - gay porn videos figurative artist thread on making large figurative cast work life casting GNU radio RF cafe DSP guru storing passwords securely at throwingfire urban mapping geospatial data aggregators Why Elites Fail in The Nation vote view: scientific analysis of politics and voting open benchmarking circuit lab mandelbulbs on skytopia greater good at berkeley: the science of a meaningful life world color survey lowering the bar, legal humor review pope hat - some kind of blog maybe not sure Serge BirBrair The Daily Beard Three toed sloth blog fear article on poetry foundation Erik Rhodes tumblr blog The Sword: Gay male stuff, mostly porn Prochronism: TV anachronisms as linguistic and historical learning tools disruptive competition project Amy Schumer on personal psychology or something like that at The Last Psychiatrist alex penfold on flickr freetronics: arduino compatible goodies and more systemic failure blog market urbanism blog emergent urbanism a thousand nations: towards a cambrian explosion in government emergent urbanism: the complex grid wikistats: Wikipedia stats in real time defend innovation: eff patent reform initiative psmag: manic nation, addicted to stress and novelty--computers as electronic cocaine OpenShift by RedHat for cloud applications martin evans: temperature monitoring with perl and arduino SHTF school Royal Society Special Issue on Global Warming beyond logic summary of USB standards for use by programmers scape terrain editor NASA: Images by Voyager text master for copywriting and proofreading Founder Dating the street plans cooperative streets blog floating sheep -- interesting modern geographics you're addicted to what? the humanist on the concept of sex addiction the myth that the Americas were pristine before European colonization perl monks: references quick reference page over 50 and out of work Mass challenge Cambridge innovation center senseable cities lab MIT venture monitoring service MIT legatum center games industry biz the atlantic: workforce of tomorrow The Daily Beast / Newsweek: Is the Internet making us crazy? opine me: a better way to store password hashes 500px photo sharing parallel universe Mike Bites: how to deal with tech media California Cannabis Research Medical Group Journal (CCRMG) O'Shaughnessy's Cannabis Journal (offline?) Medical Marijuana Doctors 2001 survey of classic ambient music recordings Brenda Laurel: the technodiva speaks ignite show - presentations pecha-kucha - presentations the noun project Get Art Up - rent art from local artists OpenCyc Cyc Foundation Small Linux PCs overview clients from hell net shapeways - 3d printing service by neives - cosmetics and scents and stuff The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI) berkeley heritage site fractured atlas: technology archipelago creative vitality index from western arts foundation the arts wave spoonflower custom fabric psychology of men SSL Labs security checking 350 - movement to do something about climate change (on facebook :p) commentary on wiio's laws Pinker versus Lakoff the edge: a new kind of social inspired technology The Privacy Cover for gaps around the doors of stalls Steven Pressfield: Nobody wants to read your shit the sound of rain - design patterns startup grind ploom pax executive vaporizer - source for liquidated inventory owldolatrus on conflicts between conservative Christians and gays Seven Pressfield, author of Turning Pro mobile read: all about reading ebooks from devices mobileread calibre forums english russia: how do you like such urban planning -- examples of communist construction Stress and Health: From Molecules to Societies -- Robert Sapolsky Stanford Professor Lecture Das Krapital: too many too useless people -- angry economics blog games industry biz: warren spector says to make believable characters not believable guns games industry biz: warren spector says the ultraviolence has to stop James Altucher, entrepreneur and stuff Penelope Trunk blog and stuff BSD for Linux users Geometry Daily at Minimalissimo ASUS Eee PC Linux install advice thread on Reddit IM Freedom -- instant message tech CI Conference Quora - questions, answers, information Informl - informal learning advocacy expose of circumcision on ratical aeroquad arduino shield based flight controller simple: an attempt to remake banking to serve customers better erased landscape: the making of flat land in san francisco arstechnica on passwords funcheap SF perl subroutines and references at steve litt's book of wisdome at no art, no social change, no innovation economy Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on Torture beatlab: electronic music production software dissembled machine art pixelbeat--some personal blog or some such readmatter: read something that matters scent sciences: the spectrum of scent freak lab store -- open source wireless sensor networks open source electronics prototyping platform -- sensors, uno compatible e-junkie -- electronic publications Unity 3D -- 3D content generation and character animation regulate marijuana site: marijuana compared to alcohol a stretchy hand--silly interactive animation happiness islands -- fun interactives and stuff mojolicious use of jquery and ajax ipocracy: patents considered evil American Meterological Society: Warming of the Climate System is now Unequivocal George Monbiot: The Heat of the Moment -- Climate breakdown is happening right now edge: reinventing society in the wake of big data edge: what is value late labs - equity for code notational - popular, lauded note taking application samsung developer site bada (mobile system) developer site web socket org - info about web sockets w3 html5 web sockets interfaces show me the code: code examples blekko - alternative spam rejecting search Founder Institute viper chill on the future of blogging reddit thread about rsync and backup script helpful reddit arduino subreddit thread about how to drive high voltage displays with arduino tin eye image recognition why did paid work become the only thing that britain values? beard board Energostatic Records one experience with the everflourishhome automation system Committee to Protect Journalists red letter christians - preaching actual christianity such as the sermon on the mount change my world view blog vox economic research: housing bubbles and interest rates the circular economy: the business case for a transition to robust sustainability UK poverty data and analysis Penobscot East Resource Center - Ocean Environment Reconstruction iTaylor - reasonably priced tailored shirts YouTube partner program why statins don't really work mobcast - UK ebook seller mojolicious wiki on github get firebug wiki: docs for firebug plugin to firefox for javascript debugging RX Marijuana - information and testimonials w3 schools - info and references for web standards w3 schools - javascript reference w3 schools - w3 schools - w3 schools - javascript howto big brother america - tracking the tracking of americans Quantified Self IEEE Spectrum: How I Quantified Myself developer auction recruitment site taptera - enterprise assistance software cascading - high level programming software trending topics statistics on top and bottom roles for gay men fritzing - circuit board design software, also linked to fab UK urban ruin exploration forums SubGenius: High Weirdness By Web Cast Iron Chaos: originally part of The High Weirdness Project and based upon the principles of crackpotology, but since expanded in various directions fitiquette measured clothing delusional economics at macrobusiness Human Transit - transportation planning blog Congress for a New Urbanism Firefox OS developer documentation funkpeddler dreamscape drones on mixcloud placemakers study of form-based codes Zoning our way to HOA insanity at placemakers Facial signs of fetal alcohol syndrome The Onion: US Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion Sequoia Capital summary regarding business ideas that work Triumph of the City: Edward Glaeser on the benefits of urban development why linux is not ready for the desktop as argued on see click fix - geographic and pictographic local issue tracking site marriage equality story maps at esri guardian on creepshots, revenge porn, and paparazzi against women Open Graphics Project Civic Plus: public engagement Design By Many: collective design efforts How Many of Me: look up number of people in US by name Sober Look Off the Charts blog McClatchy blog: truth to power jefffsbeardboard thread showing pipedope growth from 15-63 months Against Intellectual Monopoly Actuary - accounting information and articles The Atlantic Article: Is God an Accident? Noam Chomsky information site with documents, interviews, discussion The Monkey Cage Cleveland Federal Reserve report: Explaining declining share of income from labor Cleveland Federal Reserve report: Declining share of income from labor along with increasing inequality SCI-Arc media archive: architecture lectures from 1974 to present This is Jason Silva: personal site of a futurist visionary Ambient Music Guide Oven by Daze on Artican Display of homophobic statements on Twitter from No Homophobes Barabasi: personal site of ALBERT-LÁSZLÓ BARABÁSI Papers from the lab of ALBERT-LÁSZLÓ BARABÁSI Leh Miller: articles about human sexuality Geoffrey West on complexity and network effects (video presentation) WebGL car visualizer webos nation Robert Hare references Lompoc Record: Robert Hare Matt Taibbi: Wall Street Has No Fear of Individual Punishment Yanase-Arc: Sakuhinnshu Japanese architectural designs Carbon Fiber Gear Big Questions Online Spoon-Tamago: creative Japanese architecture Review of recent Federal Reserve explanations of policy as of 2012-10 Sebastien Paquet: How Social Movements Happen Part 1: Zenith, Ossification, Reality Shock, Emergence Sebastien Paquet: How Social Movements Happen Part 2: Hollowing Out, Self-Organization, New Stories, Rebuilding Thar: Blood vengeance, the world's most toxic value system Galaxy formation simulation from University of Zurich Aeon Magazine Elusive Self: Commentary on the Science of Self The Smart Set (from Drexel University) The Codist: Programmerthink The View From Hell blog MEDIAite Culture cognition and coevolution lab Joe Henrich: Culture, Cognition, Evolution at University of British Columbia Enhanced running: Running under the influence of cannabis Analysis of the economic progress in Chile from the Robert Rojas archive open worm: c. elegans study site The Awl Damascus kitchen knife on Etsy IRS business or hobby guide to deductions web platform: information forums for effective use of web programming standards Economic Principles Tulip graph visualization software The China Story: The Australian Center on China in the World The ten grave problems facing China The League of Movable Type (font source) Open Font Library (font source) Google web fonts (font source) Free Font Manifesto (font source) Vitaly Friedman’s Font List (font source) DMSO information site testosterone pit - Wolf Richter articles alt-market: dark economic and social issues articles Contrary Brin: David Brin blog The truth about Tytler Global Economic Intersection Your brain is a rain forest cruel: Hiroo Yamagata Lawrence Lessig code is law--lawrence lessig the future of ideas--lawrence lessig free culture--lawrence lessig code v2--lawrence lessig remix--lawrence lessig tiny circuits: very small arduinos and other such HD Trade Services - international trading facilitators femtoduino, an extremely small arduino compatible microcontroller board digispark on kickstarter, yet another extremely small arduino compatible microcontroller board gog -- computer games republished at reasonable prices architecture thesis readings in PDF format The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy counterparties -- curated finance news and commentary on reuters using percolate Recession Trends: analysis of changes during this recession big think Uneasy Money economics site Uneasy Money discussion of how Ludwig von Mises eventually rejected Austrian Business Cycle theory my first time being sued--software intellectual property conflict resolution uncluttered white spaces: you only learn when things start breaking--twenty innovation principles Joi Ito web site bob sutton: work matters Drucker: The First Technological Revolution and its Lessons youtube of CNN interview with violentacrez ElderSpirit: a participatory community of mutual support go squared 2400 flag icon set a simple fix for food growing as discussed on NY Times opinionator blog inhabitat: the tower that could have been--daniel libeskind's award winning World Trade Center replacement design anthropology in practice Information Week Unix Toolbox: documentation of commands The Future of Data at CSC Leading Edge Forum KDE file type debugging thread on reddit Defacing America: Graffiti Vandalism The Challenge Network Not Safe For Work Corporation open transport tycoon deluxe Alfie Kohn: writer on education and parenting, critic of competition and rewards Why Self-Discipline is Overrated UN Studio architecture projects Niel M. Denari architecture projects The City as Planetary Infestation Kneeling Bus urbanism blog Project Reason: spreading science and secular values Geek feminism wiki at wikia Ambient music: In Absentia by Ozaze on SoundCloud Cubieboard, a radically small, cheap, open, single board computer founders fund: what happened to the future? we wanted flying cars; we got 140 characters Auralia: long form ambient project by Bryan Hilyard on soundcloud Bryan Hilyard on soundcloud infinality open font rendering software HTML5 game development HTML5 game development guide at codeproject Lumosity brain training Positscience brain training canvas orbital trails outages: internet problem tracking internet traffic report internet pulse: internet status mechanism internet pulse: internet status EtherPad (a collaborative WYSIWYG editor) Truthy project at Indiana University kitchen soap--articles about web programming kate mats on leadership, technology, management, life in general Medical Marijuana Doctors California Cannabis Research Medical Group Journal Cannabis Clinicians: O'Shaughnessy's Journal read write blog: software and technology articles weave silk: online interactive Aart Warren Spector on Eurogamer: Hey Carmack and Sweeney, stop rendering and start making believable AI Warren Spector on Eurogamer talking about animating the mouse Gamasutra: The Spector of game AI Wind Map: displays the invisible energy surrounding us economist's view blog Acne vulgaris: a disease of Western civilization Lafayette Puzzle Factory the US has become a nation of assassins: jeremy scahill on counter currents War Nerd: The Holiday Inn Insurrection dustinland: peculiar comics coding horror on the right to privacy BrainTree payments for the next thousand startups Fancy Hands: assistants for everyone PCB board design and build from the web octopart: search engine for electronic parts The Baffler eliodomestico small scale solar water distiller at bioenergylists five keys to a great API Caspar David Friedrich: complete works online Adam the Woo - movie locations revealed LOTR project LOTR wiki freedesktop systemd wiki documentation PHP, a fractal of bad design computer programming theory wiki: your language sucks drone failures Joshua Ellis revisits Grim Meathook Future Businessweek: The Rise of the Brogrammer MotherJones on Silicon Valley Brogrammer Culture skill crush: create anything you want -- resources for women learning to code The Atlantic Wire: Silicon Valley as a fraternity Chris Hedges interview with MOXNEWS: Brace yourself! The American Empire is over and the descent is going to be horrifying Your infrastructure will kill you: talk at 27c3 elite: dangerous (kickstarter) The Evolution of Type Exhibits 22-26 bountify: crowdsource small coding tasks connect.ohm 9980 on bandcamp Font spacing research an overdue lesson in perspective: an ad man decries his work life after getting cancer Mary Meeker on US Balance Sheet from Business Insider sea level rise map for san francisco and sacremento by RethinkDB, an open source distributed database sitepoint - resources for building and running web sites gettip (crowdfunding platform) TrafficCOM DIY traffic speed and count measuring device Tomorrow Lab: design for the future greeneconomics: environmental and urban economics brian eno lux 1 Feather Friendly - building recommendations for avoiding bird collisions from woman to man to red pill Do Men's Rights Advocates believe in sexism? Billy Clement on YouTube owning your shit blog girlwriteswhat on youtube (owning your shit) cannapedia, an encyclopedia of cannabis information free thought blogs bitrix24 CRM, planning, project managment, document sharing--free under 12 employees Picky Domains Money Bookers, cheap PayPal alternative Minute Box -- hire experts by the minute ZamZar, free online file converter GotFreeFax (limited to three pages) IcoMoon, custom icons and fonts character sets and encoding issues for programmers summary Haaretz: Israel researchers link herpes to brain damage If only we would listen: an interview with Parker J. Palmer. Letter to a future Republican strategist regarding white people Space Buckets: simple indoor growing Progress Principle by Teresa Amabile 99u, some kind of conference with videos 99u videos on youtube salon: bring back the fourty hour work week visual bug reporting online not enough shaders (mostly about gaming) Little Things Labs (social innovation laboratory) public insight network advantages of systemd sojourners: rethinking success Thomas P. M. Barnett globalization blog the RethinkDB challenge: find a bug, get a job duluth trading company wikistrat - global strategic consulting network wikistrat briefing on a chinese slowdown (1 of 4) EnlightenNext A world without war: reasons democratic states may still fight Information Dissemination Net, mostly civilian discussion of military issues marius talks about twitter systems on tenskwatawa: timewave on bandcamp tenskwatawa: yalakuquakumigigi US Identify - identity search new male studies Mankind Project National Organization for Men popular misconceptions about rockets in space p2p chat howto web engineer's online toolbox Marijuana Revolution by John Sinclair mind the science gap Merrell -- clothing including barefoot shoes Who is McAfee? The official blog of John McAfee Ordinary Skill in the Art: lecture on software patents from Jeffrey D. Ullman Music theory fundamentals knowledge modeling research group blog omniorthogonal blog Infrastructure Report Card (for America) connect via books tagcloud The Last Psychiatrist: ranty asshole blog toolong-didntread: excessively short and shallow news aggregation figurepool: HTML5 vector graphics editor Go Fund Me: crowdfunding of various needs and ideas Advanced Riskology: Better living through uncertainty The Bootstrapper Guild Jolla - alternative smartphone Jolla Harbour - alternative smartphone application trading Lowering The Bar: legal issues blog Complete Coherence: bioscience powered performance coaching Student Beans CrashPlan - online backups Drop Box - online file storage SparkleShare, open source DropBox alternative Harvard Cell Animation on YouTube TEDxUW - Larry Smith - Why you will fail to have a great career LEAP zones, a development concept The Hoover Institution at Stanford This is beard, a blog of beard pictures Upwardly Mobile: compare US locations in pay by career type redis crashes discussed on antirez memory errors during DNS lookups revealed Google digital creative sandbox village guidebook The Health Care Blog ebook build process and tips for pdf, epub, and mobi formats from pat shaughnessy steve blank on open source entrepreneurship Today at YouGov polls why gnu grep is fast, from author on freebsd boards British Antarctic Survey base information Princess Elizabeth antarctic research station TV Tropes filepicker IO -- cloud storage usable as primary drive nature open innovation innocentive: how to promote word of mouth recommendations? (through storytelling) The Wisdom of Insecurity eye of the sparrow: video of bad lipreading of first presidential debate of 2012 Nature of Order - thoughts and books by Christopher Alexander, Center for Environmental Structure, Berkeley golden ratio calculator Living Neighborhoods Buddhist Geeks Earth Class Mail experts rated by h-index on arnet miner Jeffrey Ullman on Funny-mentalism building reputation: site about book about reputation management functions dwolla - payment processing tidemark business analytics Earth Class Mail - mail handling systems for business Postmaster: mail handling for developers Derek Sivers: You don't have to be local Denis Papathanasiou: A practical guide to selling ebooks online a view from hell: fungibility and loss of demandingness Ask Hacker News: Who is hiring? (December 2012) gay homophobe - homophobes who turned out to be gay hipcrime blog Jack Fritscher drummer eyewitness The Shifting Contours of Elite Power at the New Left Project thetaboard: project management for teams and organizations trendslide: easy business informatics perch: always on video messaging for the home pixelplant: converts flash to HTML5 MixeeMe: make your own solid figures auctionfull: run auctions anywhere biletu: money exchange with friends through dwolla or paypal centralized business communication support duck: online chat support application iconbench: icons you can customize awesomatic: modern chat application, whatever that means bit chest: another online cloud storage backup service original: reputation oriented social sharing of work periscope: merge oriented business data accumulator light painting wifi signals book review of Marijuana, Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us From Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease by Hunter Riley Clint Werner alan watts: life is a hoax (audio with images) duck duck go search engine lavabit email service spideroak cloud document storage roll your own file sharing servcie from lifehacker tunein radio jitsi (skype alternative) VSee (skype alternative) SoundCloud launchsky: stop building apps no one wants redditors for hire sasaki - urban planning masters Brad DeLong article about how Republicans think the Fed is bad, but can provide no reasoning or alternative SemiAccurate - tech industry analysis SemiAccurate: Microsoft has faileda Robert Skidelsky: Inequality is Killing Capitalism RealtyTrac NameCheap domain name vendor all the TED talks on a google spreadsheet Pictures of Krakow modern and historic Brandon Lily video on shaving understanding society blog Three Pound Brain larval subjects blog stubbornly high unemployment discussed at business insider Graffiti Creator net - free graffiti style text generator action bioscience Emotional Processing ruggeduino - ruggedized arduino compatible microcontroller board function space -- some kind of resource Konqi redesign contest new starship - reconstructed enterprise bridge or some such you vision video glasses from photojojo memoto small wearable camera minimal brown leather wallet from nomad on etsy developers Moore's cloud intelligent lights viewvu wearable video camera xtc 300 wearable HD video camera at midland USA xtc 100 wearable HD video camera gopro hero3 wearable cameras supercircuits wearable hidden cameras supercircuits rugged mini digital video camera elite asset protection wearable cameras light in the box wearable cameras dynaspy wearable cameras b&h photo wearable cameras looxcie always on wearable camera ucorder wearable camera contour wearable camera spycameras wearable video camera vio-pov point of view helmet camera wearable hd video camera shop spy gear company wearable spy cameras the zikomo letter: you are naturally short housing spacewar in javascript on kwelia interactive rent price map emporis: worldwide building data lifehacker: most popular linux guides of 2012 SMPlayer - friendly and functional front end to MPlayer for media on linux SmashWords - ebooks from indpendent authors large numbers of GIFs on imgur a little disorder - systems theory site Boston Globe Big Picture accelerating: transcension hypothesis maps, the full wiki DocuSign electronic signatures historic atlas: centennia, including animation of european history How To Drop Out by Ran Prieur Frugal early retirement FAQ Ran Prieur land blog Idle Foundation Idle Theory weave: open source data visualization weave visualization wiki WholeCell simulation project at Stanford evo devo universe KDE rekonq home page strandbeest precut from shapeways kickstarter for the humble velocipede Workshop residence Phil Ross - mushroom furniture arts Williamson Gallery at Pasadena College Art Center College of Design Style Wars: a movie about graffiti and urban styles Style Wars on Vimeo otherlab - technology for unserved needs data visualization course wiki Just Giving: charitable donations John Graham-Cumming blog list of data science and machine learning resources at conductrics Studio Kosagi wiki: Novena main page (open hardware laptop) personality research Ithkuil net: language design forum highlighting concise and precise linguistics blimp project management software trello - project management basecamp - project management asada - project management FairVote - election parity Perl: The first 25 years USA spending: government reports Common Good - something about justice? Open Simulator - 3D spatial interactions Dead Sea Scrolls online reuters: inequality in America: Washington good judgment project perl 6 adventure day 18: formulas zoopy on soundcloud Save Harborside [Cannabis Dispensary from Federal interference] Next City The Minimalists Future Is Now: Modern developments in progress in Europe smitten kitchen - online diagram tools Mozilla Game-On site with browser games Reset game net - fancy looking game digital storytelling - a conference someone who cares site conduit repair story on jwz blog Public Domain Review Americans for Safe Access (sued the DEA to change schedule 1 status of cannabis) John D. Cook: Is helpful software really helpful? Soicism Today blog tagines: chicken with lemon olives recipe tagines: moroccan cooking datafart: easy graphing from command line riemann: distributed systems monitor Harvard School of Health on gun violence gnotty-0.2 release (open python chat management) JSLint, code quality tool pattern language for object oriented programming Alice and Bob and the wall of fire: an apparent paradox between gravitation and quantum mechanics Sci-News science news As We Now Think issues and policy blog bricks and branches: gallery of photos of san francisco International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology
boot to gecko links Firefox nightly Firefox OS dashboard simulator
activate simulator with: Tools -> Web Developer -> Firefox OS Simulator 12 devs of christmas: let's build a firefox os application
12 devs of christmas developer articles site Detmageddon and the Robot Utopia discussed at SteamThing View DNS Info Dalton Caldwell blog about software business many eyes map visualization The Grand Narrative: Korean feminism, sexuality, culture Robot Dragonfly TV Program Listings on Zap 2 it Book TV schedule census dot map Raj Kumar Singh: Backlash -- regarding male hair trimming rules MsgPack, binary serialization like JSON except fast and small cannabinoid systems, history and function My Budget 360 - discussion of budget issues charles hugh smith blog: priced out of the middle class peak prosperity: buckle up, market breakdown in progress make everything okay alphaville: when scientists become hedge fund managers -- includes stuff about how financial sector shits on others regexper: regular expression visualizer Global Village Construction Set from Open Source Ecology Copenhegan Suborbitals The Magnet is Always On: cognitive neuroscience blog Language Log Neuroskeptic Wonderland: science articles glass door: information about companies from workers Felix: fast, scripted programming language English letter frequency counts classic baked chicken at simply recipes Perl 6 book Using JAGS with R Why probabalistic programming matters--Zinkov Rich blocks, Poor blocks SuperMario in HTML5 from scheme implementations compared throwww - super simple text publishing and sharing The Montreal Review sleepdial on bandcamp phase47 drone/ambient on bandcamp stellar drone/ambient/psychill/space on bandcamp CNN: why marijuana should be legal for adults legal zoom rocket lawyer Caspar David Friedrich: The Abbey in the Oakwood 1809 Melting Asphalt - blog about stuff Kneeling Bus - another blog about stuff Omniorthogonal - some kind of blog ... about stuff 80,000 hours: ethical career and living advice USPS - thank you - sweater: easy returns Mayang's free textures Nicholas Nassim Taleb: Why the One Percent of the One Percent do not depend on the economy (the dynamics of wealth and inequality) beautiful typefaces released in the winter of 2012-2013 something similar: notes on distributed systems linux: sound plays through speakers and phones both Invincible Summers - blog touches on psyche drugs Phys news: what makes wolves more wild than dogs Vietnam was even worse than we thought (Salon article) Edge discussions: What should we be worried about? brain pickings scalable web architecture and distributed systems lobster interactive programming language karma decay: reverse image search of reddit worries of 150 top thinkers Tu Hwnt I'r Bont, a tea room in Llanrwst 5 Gyres Institute TM-240A SMT pick and place DIY SMT our SMT Letters of Note assert true - Kas Thomas blog Personal and Historical Perspectives of Hans Bethe entrepreneur magazine Sonoma county GIS Sonoma County map Programming interrupted Hacker's Guide to Work Firefox OS marketplace hub building firefox os clickheat by labsmedia for click tracking perl module finder speed comparison National Center for Men health metrics and evaluation: global burden of disease The Lancet national climate change study Please consider not doing a PhD emacs wiki: cperl mode reading, thinking, and writing blog: MIT and the Demise of the Viral Infection, an introduction to the antiviral called DRACO 16 habits you should do daily Mind MUP is now open source Half-Life now available for Linux on Steam transhumanists object to remarks by Nassim Taleb biggest myths about systemd heart disease and chlorine pure water gazette net Identity Economics wrestling bears flippa: buy and sell web sites Quinoa Recipes scrap yarn project ideas git is an editor with rebase as backspace key sandofsky on git workflow We Work in Philly tech company map More Losers than Winners in America's New Economic Geography why don't we own this 6guts: perl6 development blog Macaulay Library of animal sounds CPAN::U -- cpan for you Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Fooled by Randomness site: Why the top one percent of the one percent do not depend on the economy but rather on inequality Galactic Guide (similar to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; includes real, semireal, and unreal articles) Info Security Institute on SSL Big: an upside-down startup incubator Graph: prismatic plumbing -- intended to document data flow in functional programming contexts
borrowing and lending
Lending Club Prosper (borrow and lend)
friendly, helpful tenticle Mathics: free, lightweight alternative to Mathematica black hole 12: Erik McClure blog computer based math: a new methodology for teaching mathematics I want hue -- colors for data scientists The Atlantic Cities: Class Divided Cities Series: DC Angel List Fitbit, linux, and you Underneath by Patrick Piper on SoundCloud game closure HTML5 mobile games devkit How to become a man of genius the atlantic cities: cars and robust cities are fundamentally incompatible play perl: quests for code Open Hatch 24 pull requests - docuentation generator dexy: a documentation tool tools for AP documentation Alejandro Giraldo: graphic design, illustration including abstractions, strange animals, and monsters NPR apps template described hacker things - exotic materials and components ledger - CLI for accounts and statistics reckon - CLI accounting software browser detection Internationalization guy site, all about regionalization and localization work-life balance thoughts from Matt Might 24hr loop of star trek TNG engine noise XINU: a small, efficient operating system good for embeddeding software in devices the atlantic cities: what exactly is it that makes big cities vote democratic? Zentyal on Ubuntu balanced payments transfer processor death taxes and chargebacks highcharts chart generation linux foundation 2013 jobs forecast rogue industries, home of the rogue wallet detecting rivers of whitespace in text sourceforge, renewed as of 2013-02 latex templates the attention economy and the net fight the urge to fade - tales of life as a shut-in incinolet - electric incinerating toilets bennington potters classic dinnerware cannabis sativa genome sequence data the amygdala in 5 minutes bombermine HTML5 multiplayer game Toba volcano book intro chapter one YAML 1.2 specification processed world: analysis of social issues economic professer ziliak penny stove DIY plans map of CPAN including dependence graphs pelican 3.1.1 docs -- uses python to serve static sites made up of simple marked up text articles Harvard Economist Jeffrey Miron: why drugs should be legal Tiled Text, alternative presentation and interaction with text separated by a common language blog water right sanitizer plus Andrew McAfee: the great decoupling of the US economy The Ways of Wayland: Wayland revealed (aha!) Mir project on Launchpad Mir software specification Terry Tao blog Startup Chile: get resources for startups The enigma of the Ford paradox instructables tv b gone micro broadcastify: alameda county emergency response feeds Center for the Study of Complex Systems at the University of Michigan the next big future Centauri dreams lifeboat foundation blog playable sim city reign: multiplayer nation network simulation spectrum diabetes journal: death to the sliding scale (for treatment of diabetes with insulin) venture communism API documentation usage study with visualizations researchgate for scientists: your reputation, your terms wdl: world digital library Beyond THC: O'Shaughnessy's online -- news and research regarding cannabis, particularly as medicine Tcl feature summary Hecl, a Tcl-like computer language Tcl wiki hack forums metamed: evidence based health care steve denning at forbes: the surprising reasons why america lost its ability to compete steve denning at forbse: delighting the customer is profitable steve denning at forbses the leader's guide to radical management by steve denning: the death and reinvention of management part 1 steve denning on forbes: the five big surprises of radical management why amazon can't make a kindle in the US Draft, versioning word processor on the net yang yongliang: the silent city -- imaginary urbang landscapes tall friends: height based dating dali vision on soundcloud grenelle tower betalist, for startups if you're busy then you're doing something wrong, from cal newport firefox os 3.0 simulator released krebs on security electric imp--small and simple wifi module hook theory hookktheory: chordgrok 1 perl moose code critic sift science: filtering fraud chartjs documentation OpenGL tutorial local health, a compendium of health information before you take that pill health info site seth roberts blog (health and general issues) The Kauffman Foundation acting white blog vitamin D council Mangan's on curing chronic fatigue syndrome dr b g animal pharm gary taubes on gout dr myhyill fermentation in the gut and chronic fatigue syndrome an epidemic of absence: book on autoimmune disorders and such robert heaton: chronic pain made me happier natural finance net: basic wage as an alternative to slavery tests for implicit judgements for particular groups natural finance comptrollership natural finance: the culture of work natural finance: business soft loans (borrow as much as you need, but only so fast, repay when you can) missing human manual: health articles UVA mental health spotlight: Professor Susan Bogels old oakland maps the open photo project bad lip reading: in the eye of the sparrow illegible object, omni-ordering eye npr: unfit for work, the startling rise of disability in america dimensional generalizations conversation on reddit/r/math antipope rant (charles stross): the panopticon singularity (original post) world changing: the panopticon singularity world changing: the rise of the participatory panopticon wrestling inc videos tizen, open source device system HTML5 test midieval california: a conservative bemoans the world his policies have created and blames liberals (again) gridded population of the world project at nasa veracity ubuntu install build veracity from source on linux wikipedia comparison of revision control software grepolis cloth pull and tear simulation locu reveals PBR distributed to hip places more than Bud Light new world economics, including planning analysis new world economics: traditional city environments new world economics: Let's Take a Trip to an American Village solved problems, a list of project resources at global weather forecasting hackershelf: books for programmer sophisticates with monicles and top hats and stuff like that open city apps all recipes mexican shrimp cocktail vibrant bay area: discussion of urban planning for the sf bay metro area job polarization at the NY Fed mozilla firefox os interface design principles tech em power: web framework benchmarks opensignal crowd sourced cellphone signal rating meat brining analyzed give directly, an efficient and effective charity the open resolver project: exposing open DNS recursors emacs redux, a site all about emacs basic emacs usage guide on brave clojure linux game database bioblender: visuals of biological structures richard florida defends creative class concepts in the daily beast
james coglan: callbacks are imperative promises james coglan: promises are the modad of async programming
daddyhunt gay social site tiobe software community index love 2d game engine smart drug smarts
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open source ecology introduction to the netcat command The Atlantic Cities: San Francisco Bay Area class distribution map rust programming language cargo, package management for rust TOML: tom's obvious minimal language Robert R. Cargill, Archeologist and Bible Scholar Bob Cargill, Archeologist and Bible Scholar criticism of Robert Cargill blog business of software Peter Christensen blog startup book: start small, stay small PHP sadness pop matters metrize icons from alessio atzeni redesign the save symbol die git die: criticism of git modern perl: how to identify clunky perl code art generator at urbanape OECD Better Life Index bare metal OS: 64 bit assembler operating system caledonia KDE theme, colors, and such forge of empires no forge of empires on linux because of flash active markdown PE Travers on deviantart polygon: game news and reviews canadian startup visa kelp minimalist web framework youtube bassbassboomboom National Journal coding across america centrists rising color palettes opencoin ripple - open payment network get harvest - time management rescue time - time management busyness is not a virtue less doing - optimize, automate, outsource payphone: project to operate a payphone using a standard PBX unit build a better burb - urban design ideas for suburbs $300 house ideas The Being Human Foundation exposed webcam viewer keepass password manager roboform password manager mechanical keyboard guide mozilla tow truck dioxygen diflouride intellectual detox calligra words home page quakes at 4 that: worldwide recent earthquakes map FDIC speech from Tom Hoenig criticising Basel 3 rules and suggesting was to improve handling of capital reddit discussion of refactoring of old perl code minfesto: manifesto for minimalist software engineers the lean startup, a book separation of concerns (wikipidia) systems theory (wikipedia) GOF design patterns GRASP responsibility patterns(wikipedia) SOLID principles (wikipedia) clean codesmells and heuristics (book) code reviewer's guide single page applications (online book) income inequality and the new york subway and the new yorker wars at sparklin labs detainee task force: america the torturer archive of Omni magazines The Daily WTF: perversions in IT george soros on how to save the eu from the euro crisis my lasagna recipe identify what bird what bird wild birds birding: bird identification The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: All About Birds; Birding 1, 2, 3; How to ID Birds ridiculous fish: fish interactive shell artemis: entity system framework entity systems wiki David Lynch: Rabbits TLDR modern perl: the fat comma and clarity bigML: decision tree builder LibreOffice samuru, a search engine quantum branching at deviantart: interesting maps deserted places blog thoughtcrime blog: ssl and the future of authenticity reforth: re-engineered forth computer programming language Mojolicious::Plugin::I18N split off to its own distribution eastmodern: architecture of 60s and 70s in eastern europe Form Based Codes Institute O'Reilly Open Books Project Making TEX work (open book) The Cathedral and the Bazaar building a multilingual web site with mojolicious sao paulo perl mongers introduction to mojolicious including internationalization bamboo charcoal air freshening cube light emitting diodes documentation franz kline online at artcyclopediafranz kline at artsy copyheart: copying is an act of love cesium global map streets blog Health Quality Partners (HQP) story: Improve health of seniors with regular visits that keep them out of the hospital video of ubuntu 13.04 on asus graphics problems ros: robot operating system Open Source Robotics Foundation old dirty alley - blog about natoma south of market in san francisco rsync net backup services short sf film about abe, a psycho robot (or something) nolo press article on how LLCs are taxed heka data gathering tool documentation Cunningham and Cunningham, Inc.: consultants with a focus on object oriented programming and a variety of interesting insights JM Balkin on the Constitution of Status ask hacker news: what do you use for a home nas? scheme reports: latest work on standard scheme CHICKEN scheme: compile scheme into C battery space microconf 2013 hub page tagame: erotic bara manga art building a webadmin interface in perl uberspace, german web hosting startup guide: how to be a startup CEO incorporate dot com wireless ring mouse wireless finger mouse logitech anywhere mouse sputnik music beastwars: blood becomes fire megadeth: the system has failed the atlantic cities: poynton roundels Aschmann on American English emerson kent US exploration maps Americans for safe access to medical cannabis regulations guide draft of a short introduction to topology what is topology? first part of a series what does it take for traumatized kids to thrive? Children's Resiliance Initiative How Children Succeed, a book by Paul Tough -- grit, curiosity, perseverance, conscientiousnes, optimism, control hedonometer: daily population happiness metrics How to start hacking on Rakudo Perl 6 chargebacks information graphic color picker strategies ship camoflage for warships (dazzle paint) ubuntu lvm logical volume manager network world: appeals court ruling could be the death of software patents gwern net mistakes basic income 2013 europe ludic perl CPAN coverage report reddit linux: favorite linux games thread wingify: visual website optimizer Paras Chopra blog flippa: buy and sell web sites redditor offers to 3D print architecture for free Gary Vaynerchuck: Do what you love, no excuses theoretical minimum: educational physics materials? UTF-8 everywhere, a manifesto Fast Company: Dee Hock's chaordic vision Fast Company: Dee Hock on management Fast Company: Dee Hock on Organizations vaporblog review of cvault stash case fist full of euros perl guts illustrated nature: elevated brain cannabinoid DB1 receptor availability in PTSD cannabinoids may be good treatment for PTSD--the only drug yet shown to work engelbart:: augmenting human intellect (1962) the atlantic: cannabis users are skinnier foton-3 on deviantart FreeCiv strategic civilization game playable on browsers la review of books on Summa Technologiae by Stanislaw Lem Science Codex alexiuss at deviantart reddit thread on time masters video and art reddit oakland thread on eucalyptus cull reddit bay area thread on eucalyptus cull swarm, an attention economy game the architecture of complexity at jstor boinc project for distributed computing London blitz bomb census Learn git branching, an annoying scripted tutorial, yet possibly still useful nytimes brooks on what is revealed by changing patterns of word use masturbation is at the root of the culture wars public domain review geometrical psychology New Energy Times report on E-Cat device OMG firefox boot to Qt on android tempobook blog: shleps, puzzles, and packages: solving complex proglems the iron man way venture village: how to be german you are not so smart: survivorship bias, personal luck, and such jabber: open source chat protocol how to build a universe that doesn't fall apart two days later ambient sleeping pill record linux desktop using ffmpeg atlas obscura amazon: bamboo activated charcoal blocks reddit: good way of eliminating odors with bamboo activated charcoal what games are UFLDL tutorial: unsupervised feature learning and deep learning mozilla manifesto stack overflow: overloading moose constructors? use BUILD or BUILDARGS instead you are dangerously bad at cryptography millenium alliance for humanity and the biosphere consensus statement from global scientists creativity post open source game clones notes on liberty: adventures in christian vulgaria fan fiction network hire good instead of nice creative founding and friends as shades jet pens Marcus Aurelius quotes on wikiquote founder implications and gender differences with respect to rejection the perl companies project: accumulated list of companies that have at some time posted perl job openings flickr: fat tim--ball gut guy world cyberwar and the inevitability of radical transparency by David Brin Project Witness: justice through exposure reactor 5 by titus lunter at deviantart rackspace developer center hive plot network - visually interpret network structure and content koshisms from babylon 5 steak house or gay bar? best IP camera reviews spaciality blog: 40s nyc firewood vaporizers hn 2013-06-01 informal poll of software salaries david graeber on the invention of money at naked capitalism Amazon web services I wasn't prepared to work: story of how tech work can degrade quality of thought simons foundation comprehensive health care reform Dambisa Moyo takes on Bill Gates J W Waterhouse gallery biggly body index for weightlifters Moves API issues for hex grids in games the network is reliable: an analysis of issues with distributed systems aphyr: kyle kingsbury, or some such skycraft airplanes youtube: hard tone -- work that body bear canada details of tienanmen square riots lego idea concept site EFF NSA spying timeline bokete web application using perl, mojolicious, and other modules dates and times in perl with durations, parsing, validation Veerakeat TongPaiBoon at SF Open Studios rosetta stone language education archive org building technology heritage library a barrister's wife - a closed door view of the justice system wood egg: guides to starting up in asia zoho: some sort of competitor zen entrepreneur blog zen entrepreneur book web drone generator columbia journalism review: medieval future and the gutenberg parenthesis thomas pettitt on internet as a return to the pre-print era neiman journalism lab Privacy SOS not always right, against bigotry xonotic - some kind of game desura - game network system thingy (like steam?) greyjoy rebellion on game of thrones wiki, a good place to start learning about westeros loading scripts from HTML dan shipper blog stop watching us: mozilla foundation privacy campaign brown bird needs help build new games: particle systems technology review: how technology is destroying jobs flickr: skymax photos hemp in the shadow of the swastika -- nazis vs hemp digital ocean cloud service provider netcraft on explosive growth of digital ocean relative to other providers nanocubes: fast visualization of large spatiotemporal datasets Didier Sornette: Predicting Risk (and crises) economonitor: venezuela on the brink of hyperinflation--interesting discussion of hyperinflation spur: take down end of 280 in SF to connect city with Mission Bay development mozilla science lab wiki the lean startup in a nutshell, part one: foundations the two minute lean startup on slideshare the lean startup: principles lean startup failure analysis: may need to build up some fat to succeed Kurzweil on the law of accelerating returns eleven ways to be average by chris guillebeau at zenpencils municode - municipal codes free to access, pay to print leadwerks on kickstarter: game engine for linux all of the rivers in the continental US mapped by nelson minar The Las Vegas Downtown Project to rejuvinate downtown new yorker: right to privacy in an age of publicity rsync warrant canary sedition: ten perl catalyst models in ten days Dharma Overground: meditation resources vipassanadhura: sixteen stages of insight prog21 dadgum - some kind of blog rising seas city by city forecast the obesity era memory suppliers - custom USB memory sticks data mining a city's visual identity cities are like nothing else in nature shared sf coworking space connections sf coworking space sandbox suites sf coworking Ian Banks: notes on The Culture notes on liberty: pure racism and chinese dining corante pipeline: some kind of science blog? neocities free home page web sites--creation and hosting nightfall: mud since 1990 bay bridge troubles began with design aces too high: got your ace score huffington post: the adverse childhood experiences study project mesh net: getting started blue collar informatics (bio-blog)
lephtee on soundcloud: ambient-like deep house lephtee on mixcloud
chaum: security without identification iron man at enlightened perl perl blogs perl weekly modern perl books the startup toolkit the happy startup school business mode generation book genetic car tuning in HTML5 science v magic net: geometry linux filesystem heirarchy open weather map xen server open source virtualization disquiet junto project #73 faulty notation disquiet junto on soundcloud SSL labs fasttech: speed cubes and accessories zcube: cubes h know store 51 more fun flying architecture CDC: naeglaria fowleri information (parasitic brain eating amoeba) world atlas of language structures WALS idibon: language technologies for a connected world Corpus of Contemporary American English CIO global forum: No vendors. No media. Just value. reshoring initiative total cost of ownership estimator tau day: state of the tau reporting 1.2k crashes in Debian myrmecos ABA Journal: How did Americas police become a military force on the streets? perl critic: automatic code review starving the squid by bradford delong arabic language complexity and dialects map large AIDSvu map for viewing HIV infection rates diaview of word usage perlmonks: Util, a source of wisdom dirty wars -- jeremy scahill Venkatesh Rao on Forbes venkatesh rao at forbes: entrepreneurs are the new labor emotions and facial expressions at boston magazine chycho blog donate to gonorrhea eradication paired key authentication on hacker news GB morphs about:config panel (for customizing firefox) punchy prose: copy editing scribendi: copy editing multicore dilemma in the big data era CIPS measure of AIM: aeronomy of ice in the mesosphere github sources for mozilla gaia project mozilla gaia project project mail list hacking gaia firefox os building blocks wondering but not lost us basic income guarantee network distributed everything achilles - artificial life evolution simulator pingdom - internet outage tracker macroevolution net: humans origins, possibly as hybrids bunnie studios blog - open electronics development hacker news: who is hiring 2013-07? save that art - contact (pottery class story) ap bear morphs how clothes should fit apiary - design tool for apis apigee: api best practices game programming patterns final term, a fancy free terminal emulator wealthfront: compensation analysis starting up lacuan expanse with perl sealed abstract: why mobile web apps are slow why mobile web is slow mozilla research projects rust computer language militarized police overreach modeling crime networks using data arrays and lists in perl compared your next project should be in the public domain e-cosystem: automated plant care system 72 plant vertical garden at instructables Luminous Cities by Trace Media UK popular stereotypes of 50 top cities the void of undefined in javascript MMO developers get letters from attorneys from treehouse IP troll tracker blog once a town gets a swat team you want to use it marginal revolution: partisan bias diminishes when partisans pay (even better: reward driven normalization) custom ink t-shirts perspectives project for secure communication Grero: Evidence for sexual flexibility in males Oakland Coluseum City sub areas Oakland Coluseum City web page Stone on DMT and NeXT sleepdial on bandcamp--scary noises HIPAA human interface standards iSpot TV - ads and analysis javascript isn't scheme old mountain view airfield math overflow thread of video lectures from math courses Denis Dutton: What are men good for? flying machine studios: a taste of the lambda calculus Spain study confirms hemp oil cures cancer without side effects turmeric as effective as 14 drugs Was American prosperity an accident that has run its course? Tech-RX: help for tech startups x265 on bitbucket, and open source h.265/hevc encoder reddit thread on networking in an mmo detailed analysis of 2001 a space odyssey from underground research initiative blog The Shape of Design (online book) Maratis 3D: visual game development tool lean startups fail because reasons gromacs molecular dynamics bomb in the garden: the need for design excellenceon the web mind-body cure for RSI pain angry asian man blog the world peace game Dag Hammarskjold websockets interfaces wired for thought scholarpedia: neuronal avalanche twitter bootstrap ClintDarden videos on youtube porn hub celer on bandcamp sikh soldiers allowed to serve and retain kesh single page javascript overview on flynn: open paas on docker hosted on github mojolicious high performance service example stack overflow: what git branching models actually work? stack overflow: multiplexing callbacks (in mojolicious) perl monks: callback multiplexer introducing mozilla minion pagoda box - site hosting and such my noise net noise machines for making noise the architecture of open source applications architexts: comics about architect work systems thinking online at scribd accellerationist politics manifesto at critical legal thinking accellerationist politics manifesto PDF as originally posted at synthetic ediface cotton mill studios: oakland freeway lofts (joy) economic predictions 2013 and 2014 DQYDJ: don't quit your day job DQYDJ: bay area income and home calculator open biometrics a present for reddit/r/architecture cryptocloud explains torsploit captured dimensions novena, an open source laptop mail pile snipcart, a shopping cart service for web sites busines management application with project management, sales, customer resource management, support ticketing, other luevo: croud funded fashion marijuana lawyer blog fuel 3d hand held mesh scanner neuroleadership: improving organization based on knowledge about mental capacities holacracy: social organization technology; flexible excellence holocracy constitution schneier: restoring trust in government and internet gaunt: minimalist markup carto DB things I want made fastcolabs summary of massachusetts software tax flat surface shader on github flag surface shader fastcolabs: analysis of carefully marketed long form stories Nathan Berry: books and stuff messaging as a programming model
free art: getty free image search getty open content FAQ rijksstudio with free/open art content calisphere: open art content source nasa free image gallery national gallery of art open content flickr commons: free images wikipedia featured pictures library of congress online image catalog washington state coastal atlas
color scheme designer enterprise integration patterns yapc eu 2013 future perl slides messaging as a programming model - perl advocacy perl 6 strings and graphene normalized forms fish shell racial dot map from cooper center using 2010 census data emacs powerline 507 mechanical movements Japanese homes and their surroundings fashion incubator: lean garment production homework SoftWear Automation fedbizopps: automated sewing The Joel Test: 12 steps to better code open desk open source furniture subjective comparison between Germany and the United States psychedelics and mental health: a population study random dungeon generator groklaw final good bye article scientific american: myths of terrorism simon stalenhag gallery - futurist visions cheat sheet for starting a business psychological costs of founding companies tsunami ball basic javascript for the impatient polymer: a web library made of web components with web sauce and some extra web ... web new samuel, a font based on morse code statwing: statistical analysis newspeak computer language strongtalk computer language hogan development survey: the dark side of personality how do you derail? universal rules of civilized discourse matthew florianz: electronic forest my wells fargo rewards earn more mall wells far go credit card rewards tour index arimaaa you can't fix people a palatable javascript pattern jetbrains: idea -- intellij javascript editor techcrunch on internet hate the free network foundation unlimited novelty: don't use bcrypt Harlan Ellison books at cafepress puredarwin - opendarwin improved OS development process documented on brokenthorn pamela heights: a suburb of austin with no zoning CODE mechanical keyboards mekaworld modular houses a state of trance: progressive tech yes musiques WTF visuals net attack driven defense slides Open XC Platform open xc trace analyzer open xc platform getting started tutorial flutter wireless floobits - software development collaboration software Intro to Web [Developer] Components favicon cheat sheet the english language is a pain wiki war monitor faviconer favorite icon composer thingy Ronald Coase publications at University of Chicago sigh javascript blog of sites demanding scripting, often unnecessarily Wayland is coming docverter - converts documents redcarpet - renders markdown peter keen open sourced self publishing tools bruce schneier: we as a society need to rethink our fear of risk glitch news hellorun: opengl game paperscape: interactive map of open science papers thinknum interactive data access and graphing tool mer core/mer project: as used with plasma active trinkit: adafruit mini-arduino-like board jsgamewiki on github open game art Antares: build system targeting bare metal, not Arduino harvard law project VRM learn modern opengl electronic goldmine politico 2012 california election results by county homemade dessert ghost town competition JWZ on message threading theranos frustrated aspiring scientist letter to academia Therapeutic Lifestyle Change - a new treatment for depression developed at the University of Kansas private garden house in nishimikuni by arbol design The Technology Intellectuals in Democracy Journal community wealth: measuring impact of anchor institutions on community MOVE (model operation view event) to replace MVC (model view controller) Hack Forward - some kind of euro startup accelerator thingy invest with alex - analysis of markets and financials travis goodspeed: papers about hacking goodfet on source forge - info about hacking CCCen on YouTube Dr. William Dement Google Tech Talk on Sleep and Performance number of spaces after a period causes riots, zombie catastrophe at heraclitean river fix my blinds fix my blinds: plastic wands kerr's hardware, grocery, and so on in wardensville, west virginia gumroad - simple and easy commerce setup flowblade - nonlinear video editing for linux ISO 8601 100 startup lessons meaning and happiness in aeon magazine America's leading technology hubs jovoto - crowdsourced creative design solutions? I was a hated hipster meme and then it got worse, from the awl Dr. Bill Dement Google Tech Talk on Sleep and Performance maritime - information about seafaring we solve for x - some kind of thought conference thingy 97 things programmers should know, an O'Reilly book funky chickens - ancient HTML learning site business card ray tracer electronic products image of the day: do all engineers have epic beards? perl objects roundup michigan rain downpour field rain storm field calm thunder storm rainy mood myst online free online game play myst online free add puzzle content using text wiki for myst game content additions source code for uru for myst online gnu cash for money management boeing: starting an airline urbit, a new execution environment and operating system padre IDE for perl aeromobil - roadable aircraft StartSSL review of StartSSL harsh criticism of StartSSL smell ya later, nerds--classic criticism of tech industry horseshit nice zenni glasses building your own moose -- custom usage of moose FarmBot automated farming machine founders wiki SF open law GNU APL Lotus Esprit Lotus Esprit World Lotus Talk Esprit Fact File
Sam Harris on mindfulness meditation ask reddit: older gay redditors what was it like in the late 80s and early 90s ask reddit: gay men who were adults in the early 80s Colorado Plateau Geosystems - includes maps of ancient geological configuations USB random number generator now the surveillance state was born border detainment horror UndeadTeds - undead teddy bears and other iconic figures is the government shut down? dummy mag best ambient tracks with links to other music reviews efficient load balancing and SSL for websockets and node.js tessel - enabling the internet of things with javascript, a plan so crazy it just might work Dist::Zilla, perl packaging utility DakWak - web site translation services - census map of population changes by county sleepdial: gaschamberchoir on bandcamp Wall Street Journal on Pathological Altruism: Altruism which attempts to promote the welfare of others instead results in unanticipated harm dragon innovation - tech crowd funding site perlhacks perl search: javascript required search feature for perl content lmctfy linux container stack discussed on ycombinator hacker news Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change kidoman go against c++ ray tracing comparison benchmark steve mcconnel on software engineering fastcompany: creativity is persistence linkchecker how rsync works kde kwin visual tearing with nvidia double buffering the long tail of hardware perl11 engineering death spiral Frederic Bastiat quotes works of Frederic Bastiat online The Hamilton Project: Advancing Opportunity, Prosperity, and Growth no more mister nice blog: the punishers want to run the country phabricator - software development tools sierpinski curves described in extensive detail paul lafargue - the right to be lazy 1883 quitting the paint factory - mark slouka, harper's magazine, november 2004 hacker news thread on in praise of idleness--deeper than one might initially expect last hours of humanity reddit favorite TED talks reddit favorite TED talks ... again peter atia: the straight dope on cholesterol Aaron Beck: military and police robots and other speculative arts BitBucket: source service scientific american: increase your intelligence equality of opportunity CraftLister - fairs, festivals, baccanalia bart salaries born to learn - humanist propaganda? debt, deficits, and modern monetary theory workman keyboard layout terrorism is not about terror what saying I says about you ghost idea/concept/thingy ghost: blog focused enblogginator with extra blog for blogging ... blog ghost on hithub Sears Parts Direct: Kenmore elite dishwasher parts Pixar universal scene description overview in defense of inclusionism (against deletionism) the energy project wikilogic -- some guy's thinking about mental models; interesting, but a bit raw national statistics and maps: freight management and operations the NSA video harvard business review: what we've learned from the financial crisis sustainable transportation in Houten, Netherlands this is ashok -- ashok rao on economics and such Physics: what we do and don't know League of Women Voters of California report on citizen redistricting commission what's inside a proton on stack exchange Emma Goldman essays Better Doctor - internet medicine? The Melancholy of Subculture Society language log: marmoset conversation - peculiarities of turn taking turn me up: the loudness war complete guide to sales from phoenix training the rise and decline of wikipedia startup map berlin review of Jeff Schmidt's Disciplined Minds what about systemd is specific to linux lennart poettering on systemd and upstart pieria with a good argument for basic income costs and benefits of repealing the zero lower bound [on interest rates] Tom Streithorst at Pieria biobrite - bright illumination for seasonal affective disorder kludgeocracy 53 book: custom moleskines EDN: Toyota's killer firmware--Bad design and its consequences embedded gurus: update on Toyota unintended acceleration safe systems from unreliable parts dr dobbs: designing safe software systems NEO 900 ionicons gemini enterprise modules project key-z kickstarter tiny buddha daily good zen programmer lean pub - lean electronic publishing Kubuntu Saucy release notes on ubuntu guide site open source point of sale system moron for hire point of sale project create space - amazon self publishing (evil?) command z content - structural editing erin tyler design herb thornby - publishing design kindle direct - sell ebooks for kindles john marshall media - audio studio brass check net - promotions slide share - presentations architecture of doom world's strongest man galleries ping mate server monitoring tuprolog for prolog ubiquity blocked in china net google etymology Etym Online etymologies we work remotely - jobs and worker connection statistics done wrong, a guide world food program - un food and hunger group media for thinking the unthinkable bob weaver videos: qml tutorials Sandow Birk: The Great War of the Californias less accounting simple business accounting software atheism a brief history of disbelief by jonathan miller things real people don't say about your app an american mosaic: a frontier society (chapter 3) SpriteLamp: lighting for 2D drawings pro wrestling wikia swanson vitamins docker on raspberry pi lostpedia on wikia robert rich: the other side of twighlight skuplt: device for measuring fitness in terms of muscle tissue quality and fat content an investment manager's view (of relative wealth and opportunity) DIY EKG ETC World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Complex Systems nautilus: what if obesity is nobody's fault -- implies mrap2 gene expression controls fat production Scott Hanselman blog pricenomics: what it's like to fail software engineer salaries HBR: how google sold its engineers on management Chronicle review: The American Police State Social Evolution Forum with Peter Turchin the number 1 reason employers can't find talent reddit bitcointip documenation California Budget Project western digs camp BX - bitcoin exchange edge headcon 13 part 2: analysis of positive emotion and outcomes namecoin, a replacement for SSL namecoin proposal at dot-bit d namespace proposal for namecoin The Feynman Lectures at CalTech how to share data with a statistician zodb chrism on plope: why I like zodb The Conversation I am not a programmer RYZOM online game own it for life: durable consumer goods flightaware miserymap youtube: rockin mclanguage sailfish os sdk Mer project Qt project advanced cryptographic ratcheting common crawl: shared net crawl data net preserve pray at cyberuniverses: perl 6 ray tracer maliit open source device keyboard overtone: collaborative programmable music supercollider audio engine unlicense yourself and set your code free WTFPL: Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License denemo - free and open music notation editor DIY cell phone Dude, I want that catalogue economics 102 blog on evil people why vagrant? reproducable and portable work environments equitable growth reddit post about kin-dza-dza with youtube links Hacker News who is hiring thread for 2013 Dec perf planet - software performance issue discussion drowning in javascript - a look at javascript library usage on popular web sites the human brain is too weak for gossip
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BRCK - distributed internet access for remote areas NASA spot the station ISS tracking tool king james programming sheerwind wind energy tech ignition deck: serious crowdfunding software ignitiondeck: we do not negotiate with terrorists EFF: six good things about the innovation act Sam Harris: It is always now airline deregulation: ideology and evidence fogleman Craft - minecraft clone in around 2500 lines of C - includes multiplayer oakland wiki pheelicks: working with WebGL GLSL source files ancient bharat: old indian texts why we removed bosses at treehouse--links to other radical management articles micro hydropower installation magic flight launch box r/mflb magic flight launch box subreddit public interfaces directory gutenberg bible in high res american way of hiring is harming the long term unemployed climate central climate central climopedia brookings map of income taxes paid by county UCLA Law Williams Institute: research of sexual orientation low-tech magazine no-tech magazine gridbeam - open spec furniture open structures - open sourced structure designs low tech magazine: open modular hardware influenza like illness deaths in texas orient technologies, producers of orientdb database orientdb database orient technologies blog online fractal generator market swings relative to fundamental values stattit - reddit stats brackets - open source editor for web programming your logical fallicy is ... the abolition of work by bob black douglas and sturgess - art material supply with classes and other such art stuf - entry site for douglas and sturgess art material suppliers reddit advertising inquiry evolution of distributed association networks in the human brain reddit entrepreneur: financial and business planning videos stratpad business finance and planning videos LOL my thesis antigonish dungeon pipes on bandcamp OpenDesk project - open source furniture with links to producers and other such Andrew Looney's Principles of Game Design
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rosetta code - programming information site open the government - less secrecy, more democracy hi-lift jack company the reuse people of america - reducing the solid waste stream mobulas (flying rays) at malbert photo hadd - home owners against deficient dwellings hobb - home owners for better building kelly research and outreach lab - mapping for a changing california tech recipes - technology tutorials
graphics pipeline links real time rendering open gl site for open gl 3 docs a trip through the graphics pipeline physically based rendering open gl tutorials ogldev atspace - more open gl tutorials the graphics pipeline modern open gl arcsynthesis gl tutorials open pipeline for interactive rendering polycount - interactive rendering for artists 3D motive eat 3D - training videos and stuff
arcade puzzle game titantv - tv listings with local broadcasts youtube user JesseEtzler0 - many unity3D tutorials make games blog: finishing a game queue dr: helps doctors fill appointment opportunities game maker from yoyogames the economic collapse blog etoile objective-C linux user interface city crime maps: san francisco how I built the pterodactyl attack game the perl hub beyondgrep, the ack home page Mojolicious 4.0 preview the year 2013 in perl retrospective brainturk brain fitness games lockpicking, a basic guide shichuan guide to javascript patterns alphalem os for robots distributed systems for fun and profit online 3D editor for WebGL tyler wardis: busy isn't respectable anymore moo printing, business cards, stickers, and such like actors in ads ad who is Ian's lacing shoes site linux device drivers arabic natural language parsing startup quotes they are made out of meat civil war animated chris granger: light table sublime text editor, lauded, $70/user housing and transportation affordability index maps USGS public lecture series geeks 3D - programming stuff atlassian: simple git workflow gist: git workflows drop kicker - designer reviews of kickstarter projects homejoy - get your home cleaned crowd district - crowdfunding articles the national interest basho - makers of riak open source, distributed database fail con seven habits study guide web setup: runscope western digs the american scholar: the disadvantages of an elite education startup lawyer: if I launched a startup mixergy: business tips for successful startups creative think -- roger von oech -- fun ideas to stimulate your creativity how the pyramids were built weather west - california weather blog next big what analysis of everpix shutdown public domain review, a project of the open knowledge foundation ranto: learning not to speak esperanto Ivan Plenty's research clie: transformable Italian furniture resource furniture: us retailer that carries clie designs truvada prevents HIV infection DIY drones - open drone designs and drones for sale DIY laser cuttern massachusestts cannabis research evaluator super successful founders nassim nicholas taleb at the edge: retire the idea of standard deviation mythwriter on wordpress music genre analysis echonest: the future of music genres is here music machinery: learn about a new genre every day Music Genre a day at echonest every noise at once music genre map echonest: music popcorn soma fm drone zone
ur-web at impredicative ur-web sources on github digital pay info kwelia property heat maps building an open source nest-like thermostat mepin - two factor security (for phones?) roll dice online why does a good kettle cost 90 variable temperature kettle options at steepster obsidian portal for smoke and mirrors realms of myth campaign economics simulation in python by peter norvig Glenn Lym's HERE5 documentary naked emacs music editing and production
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react.js, a server and client application library how to take money from your customers--reddit post with analysis of some ways of processing payments electronically Realms of Myth 4: Basic brunelleschi game rescue party on baene books fundable for crowd funding ideas ngrams at google labs c-thru-music: new keyboard geometry and more backer, crowdfunding for features interfluidity reddit gamedev subreddit discussion of MMO server architecture stack exchange thread on why it is hard to develop an MMO gameconfs game conferences game developers conference so stepho says animated engines steep hill lab cannabinoid and terpenoid reference guide envato - tools for creatives to sell their work: themeforest, graphicriver, codecanyon, videohive, photodune, 3Docean, audiojungle, activeden big commerce web shop service amelioration pattern on c2 wiki design patterns from the book on c2 wiki space syntax - analysis of human use of space stop giving a f&@# what people think thoughtworks technology radar for 2014 this big city ideas for cities tumblr open dylan - language and development environment three paths to a cure - amfar site gamasutra: make every day feel like saturday--results only work environments oakland wiki: urban legends doer hub jfdi - a community for solo founders tallinn free public transport multiplayer game architectures discussion and sample code programmers stack exchange: discussion of singleton design patterns perl-based open source products kyriakos grizzly on youtube the atlantic: life as a nonviolent psychopath how music hijacks out perception of time tha beard blog on tumblr git tips from the trenches AWS service administration tips clever and lazy make great leaders michael pollan on the mother nature network: the problem with monocultures crack station: salted password hashing done right do not end the week with nothing git cheat sheet The Ascent of Man, all episodes on youtube the great mysteries videos on youtube--includes testament, an exploration of the bible with john romer art on bart kickstarter webgl fractals re-introduction to JavaScript tutorial unroll me: unsubscribe from email newsletters demonstration examples of basic CSS features ugly perl: a lesson in the importance of API design, with focus on ORM database access CGI and the future of film making ribbonfarm information age glossary systemd, broken by design? the art of problem solving: serious pursuit of math often ignored server metrics to monitor Boromir death simulator US Basic Income Guarantee Blog
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healthy computing tips from the ergonomic safety program the peper perspective: ideas on illness, health, and well being from Dr. Erik Peper ward's content creation wiki covering people, projects, and patterns in software development burgess shale site unaffordable cities: global housing shortage IRC cloud kitchen PC: recipe cognition the graphic recorder - doug neill envisualizinates ideas and stuff like that Ents, an entity system mother jones: bread lab breeds old style wheat and makes old style bread with rich flavor and little gluten attempt to do the right thing results in arrest and abuse by SFPD build in perl typeset in the future: typeography of the film moom typeset in the future: typeography of the film 2001 letterror: detailed comparison of Eurostile and Microgramma typefaces modern ocr-a font for free endeavor game blog red language, a full stack computer language lose the game, an incurable mind virus flappy space program paper leaf design: web and graphic design services founders block analysis of startup failures (with lots of links) share CG - free 3D models daz 3D - models and media APM examiner - application performance management and user experience news and research vizicities the C10K problem game of worlds net - game worlds development blog angelcode angelscript - flexible cross platform scripting open asset import library art practical digitally imported trance stream digitally imported lounge stream wikipediocracy: on the moral bankuptcy of wikipedias anonymous administration webgl water lesswrong defence of frequentist statistics get narrative: the narrative clip phase47 at bandcamp aeon: being human, how consciousness works google project tango withdraw BTC directly to paypal christine, a notably modular PC design planets-cube: voxel based exploration and construction game linda liukas: my childrens book on tech raised 100k in 24 hours misleading graph generator LXC linux containers LXC blog post series sleep's hidden histories at LA review of books login page apart from main page django project - python web stuffery cannabis and the california water crisis surveillance evangelist arrested in california ray traced eyeball webgl demo live 28 hour drone not drones drone on soundcloud ... drone freaky fatwa news: how mars became haram codebox IDE from available on github hackable text editor for code and stuff from github vagrant development environment sharing the twelve factor app mealsquares - like soylent, but solid in praise of operl 5: how perl and postgresql work well together mkdocs org static site generator for documenting code sphinx - python documentation generator write the docs computer documentation conference butterfly your terminal pixelnoizz - glitch arts arduboy arduino game in a business card format gesture sensing module on kickstarter akbars net on steve perlmans wireless tech for communication and power, compared to cota ubeam and witricity dawgosaur's soundcloud thingy Salon - The psychology of hate: How we deny human beings their humanity php point of sale - affordable inventory tracking software the demand institute SEI report: importance of automated testing in open systems architectures california academy of sciences salon: I lost my dad to FOX news; how a generation was captured by thrashing hysteria glitch art on giphy lab 404 on glitch art glyphr studio - HTML5 web font editing gifgif media at mit - images of emotion and reaction the bay lights, view dino polo club: mini metro train operations game mit observatory of economic complexity the product space and wealth of nations (preceeds and was obseleted by mit atlas observatory of economic complexity) understanding quaternions article at 3D game engine programming restful web services documented at IBM developer works free firearms FX -- gun sounds and stuff like that rogue basin - rogue stuff what time is it? potterverse: visualization of relationships in the harry potter books cannabis entourage effect web we want -- Tim Berners-Lee on internet design, rights, access multitail: for watching multiple text log files polyvore: shopping is sharing shopify: which ecommerce sites drive sales fucking shell scripts: server administration tool
free and/or open mobile pyra: the ultimate personal handheld console free smart phone project -- troubled, yet promising maemo - free and open phone neo 900 - free and open smart phone based on maemo and openphoenux and in spirit of openmoko independent mobile tool community GTA04 personal mobile tool for open pheonux
Dolphin emulator for Nintendo GameCube and Wii custom mechanical keyboard weed maps - cannabis by location leafly - cannabis information national socio-environmental synthesis center bootflat: open source flat user interface kit new record mandelbrot set zoom as of 2014-03 MakeHuman free and open 3D character generator soul seek -- some kind of file sharing thingy science 4 all - fun an robust discussion of scientific phenomena science 4 all: le nguyen hoang at polytechnique of montreal reveals the tortuous geometry of the flat torus truth out: culture of militarism damaging america polyglot: a google doc with common translations for gamers polyglot wiki for frequently translated text pre-polyglot google doc of common text translations wikibrains - generate and share bubble diagrams I Fucking Love Science news journal soundslice active sound notation fleep tool for communicating and sharing files Marc Andressen blog, including information about Karl Icahn patreon - subscription crowdfunding site gnu guix packaging system kevin drum at mother jones: texas not so miraculous after all mobile read wiki multicolumn text for ipads at NPR: most likely profession sorted by parental income join the game: pay for KDE rayne 3D game engine coding horror: the problem with a/b testing kickstarter for microview miniture arduino and display combination getting started with docker ergodox keyboard review macks olfactory - stinky candles as seen on reddit webp image format from google key rail system pictures flippin awesome: string templating considered harmful -- use abstract syntax trees instead Mozilla Defense response package RactiveJS - instead of templating strings, HTML, or DOM use an abstract syntax tree that is parallel to the DOM WTF HTML and CSS ?! common web publishing problems one line ascii art from kulone python interfaces to clippercard site USGS public lecture series schedule and archives tourist map of flash drives by cost and capacity eracks ADELIE ultrabook w00t crosswalk - project to implement HTML5 with extra system lvel featuresa mylar platform for building secure web applications america's class system across the life cycle flashboot - documentation and software for USB drive thumb drive dongle storage unit thing items clojure web security is holier than the popes ideas about homosexuality (hee hee) the mill processor architecture explained mill computer: the mill processor architecture us census population clock introduction to APIs course at zapier CoreOS - minimal linux for server arrays make zine: which board is right for me -- guide to embeddable processor boards lull: like a slow river on soundcloud lull (a Mick Harris conception) on discogs basic income from a libertarian perspective on another angry voice zen photon garden -- raytracing performance art Cycloida
ethereum ethereum - decentralized cryptographic trust network thingy ethereum wiki ethereum code and builds forum ethereum project videos ethereum white paper ethereum example contracts thread ethereum example contracts page ethereum: a social operating system
netizen corp: working rediculously long hours is a sign that something is wrong richard lord: what is an entity framework? NYC brutalist architecture on Flickr minnow board: intel based linux compatible system on a board moonshine js - lightweight lua for the browser suicide prevention resources befrienders blue hackers suicide watch subreddit
the good judgement project who by very slow decay - a view of death in the health care system from the inside Novena open laptop from bunnie studios one page R by togaware jwz and brandon eich on javascript numbers being double floats by default windows on devices transition economics net handbook of a modern entrepreneur antipope: a nation of slaves nautilus science magazine Apache Wave Incubator Wave in a box the atlantic: mozzilas gay marriage litmus test violates liberal values mega projects instanbul - potentially disruptive new developments in istanbul shader toy javascript gitbook on gwern on spaced repetition for improved memory function wondering albatross on soundcloud PC Engines APU system board Alice Townes law blog phrack: the fall of hacker groups halide - language for image processing darwin bots wiki heartbleed: a critical bug with some versions of OpenSSL half life 1 source on github superhero js website with everything about javascript presented in a way that speaks strongly of its origins super planet crash bitbucket free for teams xv6 os xv6 summary article neural networks, manifolds, topology mortar recommendation engine sources mortar recommendation engine tutorials scriptol list of programming algorithms algosort programming algorithms directory wikipedia list of algorithms yet another heartbleed review: my heart is ok but my eyes are bleeding from leafsr blog boiling frogs: guy standing says the precariat is growing angry MIT You Are Here project to produce digital maps of phenomena you are here map of coffee shops in san francisco by area served the document until recently known as the MIT lock picking guide ethos operating system artic educational art databases NGA database of paintings gun, a distributed nondb cache thingy local tunnel: run web services on a machine let's write a kernel reddit graphs reddit investigator HTTP 2.0 critically reviewed by Varnish a contributor norvig: warning signs in experiment design hydrocodedesign: higher kinded types (and rust) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change working group report whizkins: how to start a business in 14 steps whizkins: how to start a restaurant American Scientist: The Science of Scientific Writing pumpula: css vocabulary reference 538: the biggest predictor of how long people are unemployed is when they lose their jobs death guild (at the dna lounge) destroy all software
dogecoin dogecoin dogecoin source for desktop wallets followthecoin dogevault dogeapi dogecoin subreddit dogetrader dogedump dogepulse dogecoinpark dogepay dogetipbot subreddit wiki
does researching casual marijuana use cause brain abnormalities? openssl rampage zentas robots orion robotics maps of flooding the paris review: long interview with ursula le guin phillips hue programming interface pinyin info - articles on chinese language International Center for the History of Electronic Games scott berkun - writer, blogger scott berkun: how to write a book, the short, honest truth ambiera: software for creative people chris morgan introduces teepee, http support for rust teepee, http support library for the rust language Jurily on the Qt threading model game programming patterns eee pc boot process finit: fast init replacement active state: paas buildpacks groove basin music player on github stephen dieh: what I wish I knew when learning haskell boycottsystemd: maybe it would be better to come up with a superior alternative? hacker news response to mass surveillance info reform government surveillance judgmental maps treehugger: review of the gated city by ryan avents gobot: golang powered robotics framework with support for various robot platforms study finds nearly half of homeless men have had traumatic brain injuries rust by example (on github) bitiodine - analysis of the bitcoin block chain one big fluke: the power of go is in emergent behavior muon separation kernel seth roberts blog juggernaut fitness tv MIT bitcoin project Northern California Modernist architecture thingy flipside SF: events at the Mint on 5th google cloud DNS cryptographic hash function lounge marcel degraaf: experimenting with coreos and such reddit gamedev thread on bazaarbot opensource economics engine federation: long lived virtual world about british legends MUD sock puppet: you don't want XTS (criticism of disk encryption) the guardian: it isn't russia that pushed ukraine to brink of war the simons foundation: a fundamental theory of the mind as a self-organized crital system h-index scheduling for cache optimization aeon magazine: stabiliy, entropy, energy, order, change, life hugelkultur raised bed garden method usenix: threads may be better than events for concurrent applications NASA code project farnam street blog analysis of mental models where is california on fire art works of Zdzislaw Beksinski National Climate Assessment Development Advisory Committee on global climate change stratopan - analyze perl module dependence repillable: portable pill box for wallets igvita: minimum viable block chain cryptocurrency related links on reddit how wrong you are - fact quiz site MIRI machine intelligence on github The Illustris Simulation project, for a predictive theory of galaxy formation aeon: the logic (and contradictions) of buddhist philosophy scalyr blog: searching 20gb/sec systems - engineering before algorithms pypy - fast alternative python runtime all of Bach atom - customizable text editor tindie - indie hardware tylervigen: spurious correlations basiccoin lxqt lightweight desktop environment systems wiki systemswiki: enabling a better tomorrow, a systemic perspective rust graphics imgur bhm gone wild perl 6 space invaders tbray: pervasive monitoring is an attack small cult following on mutability in rust: focusing on ownership cue personal health tracking tool Jenkins continuous integration system GNU philosophy: there is no such thing as intellectual property Erin Simmons fitness: why I don't do crossfit steroid plot: plot steroid cycles programming language popularity chart piwik web analytics open tree map on github open tree map discussion on hacker news hostile developer - seems upset about something Christopher Meiklejohn: readings in distributed systems clarrissa's blog about why she doesn't want to hire any more women muji store triple entry accounting new yorker: whence coms't wrong beliefs? tour of machine learning algorithms framery small isolation rooms indiegogo for vocore, a coin sized linux computer with wifi introduction to information retreival book bitpay bitcore source on github
nginx nginx primer from martin f jorvald nginx beginner's guild
righto reverse engineers the TL431 chip video game foliage tumblr LoopBack: open source API server powered by node jay ess the programmer's stone: neuroscience of stress, cognitive function, communication, and culture the programmer's stone: the dreaded jungian backlash corruptus image corruption site perl Build.PL specification on github linux voice: write a linux kernel module HN Hiring Me: a summary of hacker news who is hiring posts vaporgenie - vaporizer retailer mooponto - minimalist japanese architecture everything is broken, a pithy lament introducing 1.0 damieng blog: typography in 8 bits--system fonts govtrack US - follow legislation michael o church blog, mostly about issues related to the programming trade subgraph, a hardened open source operating system Our Comrade the Electron rugged egalitarianism: global crisis--the world needs much better Piketty reviews tizen 2.2.1 development guide writing advice: how to write a popular novel debate graph node for systems thinking pattern language discussion of capital flows and accumulation reinventing organizations (idea and book) if you are surrounded by idiots then you may be a jerk William Eamon blog michael pollan in the new yorker: how smart are plants? hire a greek why game developers keep getting laid off the last like effect (where the bugs appear) WASD keyboards - custom mechanical keyboards dc-js: dimensional charting for javascript bitsquid 3D graphics library development blog Loren Stump glass art colors of chemistry Apache Tika: integrate data from 12k+ formats wounded leaders: british elitism and the entitlement illusion by nick duffel clojure tutorial from swannodette righto: crazy crap stored in the bitcoin blockchain dam gallery: roman verostko wait but why: putting time in perspective illumos - open source fork of opensolaris smartos - another illumos-like fork from opensolaris storj: blockchain based decentralized storage network all the buildings in new york, as represented by artist drawings google cultural institute
nvidia cuda nvidia developer cuda zone nvidia developer cuda downloads nvidia developer cuda toolkit documentation
classical mechanics by chris taylor on github--haskell code for scmutils library from the book functional differential geometry by gerald jay sussman and jack wisdom with will farr libre graphics world my vessyl: an instrumented drinking glass the infinity computer: arithmetic hacking distributed: time for a hard bitcoin fork hacker news discussion of hard bitcoin fork proposal wikihow: play pool like a pro how to fold a julia fractal shadertoy: fractals and webgl google C++ style guide considered harmful loyalty and layoffs heart mind code - blog about software and the software industry github octicons (icons, some of them cephelopod related) City Lab - Richard Florida and others from Atlantic Cities eris / project douglas: a framework for distributed anonymous organizations nick szabo: formalizing and securing relationships on public networks matasano security: javascript in the browser is a bad way to handle cryptography wavepot: web digital audio processing michael dearing of heavybit industries talkes about patterns in pricing dan dreams of coding: science, superstition, and open plan offices Why Arabs Lose Wars google web starter kit the hum info: world hum map and database UIUC ACM guide to C language splashbase: search for free, public domain, high res photos plotly for heatmaps narrative science: business intellegence services economist blog article on pikettys capital and the dominance of housing capital globalization of addiction: change of venue portable high resolution timestamp in C++
jacopocolo: hexclock scot aaronson: eigenmorality lua 2d game system cratejoy - austin tech firm hiring evolvere icon set it's bits: 100 satoshi unit givewell: optimized charitable giving givewell blog: sequence thinking and cluster thinking hackflow: why every language needs its underscore (library for meta programming) cleancoder blog, uncle bob: my lawn--essay regarding characteristics of elder programmers relative to the programming community as a whole eithereum blog: on mining--technical details considered
linuxdash: a dashboard for linux servers 7 cups of tea: connect to listeners to talk to torch7: scientific computing framework for LuaJIT torch7 project wiki cheat sheet HL7 health data standard (messy) science mag: inequality in the long run google domains (invitation only beta) haskoin: haskell implementation of bitcoin spec EDE: equinox project: lightweight desktop for *nix
north atlantic books: the open source everything manifesto by robert david steele our infinite world: why standard economic models don't work, our economy is a network jsperf javascript performance measuring tool the road to silicon valley: linux security checklist for the paranoid seL4 general dynamics - c4 systems and nicta c++ patterns using plain c improved default settings for linux machines living under drones open auto alliance - bringing android to cars basic income news task warrior visualizing algorithms software developer job hunting notes Is TLS fast yet? ajenti linux/bsd admin panel nick szabo essays, papers, tutorials probabalistic models of comprehension orisi: smart contracts yager: why go is not a good language r/steroids wiki no wwww yes wwww expatistan null program webGL particles demo liberal america (media) pressure net io selene at stanford: housing bubble pops, bay area housing crash continues programming languages, operating systems, despair, and anger biodiversity mapping doctor bunsen: building a weather station tinyGL recipe for a better oven w3 org: linked data primer 1.0 cities at - data about human travel in cities why chapel? introduction to chapel programming language from cray clayton tye: basic income and energy theory daskeyboard gradle: build automation evolved bayes impact fellowships for solving hard problems using data science helium: simple wireless smart device network connectivity flowing data: jobs by state and salary namez: name pronounciations tails: privacy for anyone, anywhere the rich economy haskell data analysis cookbook betting on the ponies: non-unicorn investing http interface design guidelines model, view, culture: internet famous--visibility as violence on social media cataclysm: dark days ahead -- rogue like game JSON resume understanding minimalism the natural earth data: geographic data sets hello racer webgl 3D web race game http watch light command line utility for control of laptop backlight level under linux The IQ Halo Effect mutualist blog: free market anticapitalism the iron fist behind the invisible hand google online security blog: maintaining digital certificate security disrupting the cert business SSLs certification sales stanford orbis: geospatial network model of the roman world electronic objects: computers for dispaly of art front end technology stack roundup SQL performance explained - lauded book ocean acidification international coordination centre crow: c++ web microframework concept hyperledger - truly open payments protocol E component lab electronic compontent distributor - hard to find, obselete, and DMS electronic components npm remote ls: examine package dependencies before installing fanout: when is a websocket needed and what are the alternatives brill engineering - includes rice hulling device plans capterra list of payment processing software Neo4J graph database breach: modular node and chromium based open source browser the markdown/pandoc resume hire more women in tech james altucher: dealing with haters bayes impact: research project for data scientists patoline: digital typesetting system jankfree: smooth animations for the web watchy: distributed application monitoring the bearded gods speak: tales of intermixing of ancient peoples curated list of software links on github from t3chnoboy h forsten: making an embedded linux computer unikernels, virtual library operating system, mirageos dineability: NYC restaurant solves mystery by comparing recent to ten year old security camera recordings democracy 3 simulation game opengl tessellation tutorial improve javascript performance by not using jquery you might not need jquery - plain javascript implementations of some jquery methods vizual-statistix: data scientist and creative speller shares graphs and stuff like that pangoly: custom built PCs squink kickstarter: personal circuit board manufacture open garages: car hacker handbook michael o church: how the other half works, an adventure in the low status of software engineers thread group: technology for connecting devices with mesh networks modern web: articles about best practices for web development modern web: getting started with modern web development psykopaint: physical material simulation for graphics learn in freedom: build better web sites--basic rules moonsighting calculatorcat: moon phases orthanc server: medical imaging standalone DICOM server with RESTful interfaces and image tags in JSON format and PNG image generation perfect table plan tiny habits mozilla developer center: localizing strings in javascript web applications
eff project to build an open wireless router open wireless org github sources for eff open wireless project
ffead-cpp library for web services c++ amazon web service connection library Escher: metaphor driven computer language stanford large network dataset collection asterank: list of asteroids likely valuable to mine list of machine learning software resources (from the awesome links guy again) a decade in the trenches of the semantic web slate: irc with node open radar: kill swift and fix xcode a favicon editor thingy shake build system machine learning ideas IP Chicken (brawk!) destroyer IO hard drive destruction service
google zero day security thing having utterly google project zero blog google code security research issues list thingy item huzzah google application security research
different cultural interpretations of time bitwage: bitcoin payroll service transit format for communicating values between different languages insecure org: smashing the stack for fun and profit
lightweight web service nope dot c - small framework for fast and scalable applications nope dot c repository on github address sanitizer debugging tool clang analyzer llvm scan build litheweb - small web service for embedded devices lighttpd - small web server pion network library (libpion) for lightweight web service libmicrohttpd qt web app xaxxon light web server onion light web server x0 HTTP server and framework--works with ev shttpd small web server pablo software solutions baby web server tntnet small web server and framework with templating gwan - proprietary small web server
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