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I didn't write most of this stuff!

Just about everything here is something I thought was compelling that I read from Usenet and archived. I have not been systematic about saving headers or any other meaningful attributions. Differentiating between true stories and fiction is left as an exercise for the reader.

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These "Bibble Pages" contain all manner of rudeness and are not suitable for overly sensitive people or the young. Apologies in advance for those who are offended, but you were warned.

The material here comes from a wide variety of sources. I ask all who get material from my pages to respect the content and not use it for commercial purposes unless given my explicit permission. If there is material here which you have contributed, but would prefer not to have on these pages then let me know and we'll work out what needs to be done. If you have helpful feedback, interesting links, or know of relevant material that should be added to these pages then please let me know.

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