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Characters: Chiana

Chiana, held up by Crichton

The latest addition to the crew of Moya is Chiana of the Nebari. Her entrance involved a lot of intense acting and serious circumstances, but the thing I like most about her is that she is the only totally rebellious character on the show. The rest of the characters have at least at one time had a context that they fit into well. Before circumstance tossed them together, Crichton was a successful scientist and astronaut with strong family ties, Aeryn a decorated soldier in a premier regiment, Rygel was a great ruler, D'Argo an accomplished warrior, Zhaan a priest from an inner circle, and Moya and Pilot are refugees at best, although the details of their circumstance remain murky. Chiana, in contrast, is a rebel to her core. She has completely rejected her society's structure and morality, and ended up on Moya in flight from the threat of being reprogrammed to serve her society.

Chaina, held down by Crichton

During the Durka Returns episode when Chiana is introduced she and Crichton have memorable performances. She attempts to use a combination of seduction and some intimidation to get her way with Crichton, and he responds by insisting she commit to cooperating with the crew in their struggles with Durka. The way Chiana and Crichton spar and negotiate for position with subtle actions and movements as much as with their spoken lines contributes a great deal to an episode that makes some very sophisticated points about the nature of freedom and responsibility.

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