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This show has come and gone, but these ramblings still have some relevance. The show itself really stood out, though the game was not as good.

Some of what I wrote makes it sound like I found Ben Browder attractive, but it is the John Crichton character he played that got my interest. More mathematician astronaut heroes would be just fine with me.

What is Farscape?

Farscape is a series on The Sci-Fi Channel that follows the travels of an astronaut lost far from Earth who accompanies a group of escaped alien prisoners as they all search for a way home. There is a really good Sci-Fi Channel Farscape Page that has a lot of information about the series including episode overviews and a schedule of viewing times.

Watch Farscape before reading all this so that the discussions and analysis don't spoil the drama!

The growing fanbase knows: Farscape is worth watching. If at all possible it is good to see the episodes roughly in order so that facts about the characters and their situation unfold as was intended. I can't stop blabbing on about Farscape, but everyone deserves to take in the full effect of this fiction before moving onto fan fanaticism.

What is so intense about Farscape?

Essentially, Farscape is, on the surface and in its overall structure, standard Space Opera that any fan of speculative fiction will recognize. What makes Farscape stand out is a combination of a high level of attention to details of direction and production, memorable performances from the actors, captivating special effects used for the space sequences and alien beings, and provocative writing that evokes fascinating settings where dramatic situations unfold and characters are forced to reevaluate their understanding of the world and themselves.

The intriguing overall setting for Farscape includes space empires in conflict, bizarre life forms, intense special effects, and gripping combat scenes in space, on board ships, and on planet surfaces. The focus of the saga is centers around a set of vulnerable characters who long for situations they've lost and grow and change significantly between episodes.

The action progresses in a way that maintains a healthy attitiude toward exploration and inquiry that makes Farscape a modern if not futurist piece that looks forward to an intensly dynamic world as did Star Trek. The characters repeatedly find themselves in situations that force them to review their understanding of themselves and what is important to them. Their capacity to master situations often depends on their open mindedness and capacity to react and rethink and challenge themselves to be more than they've been.

Despite having the boldness to present a grand dramatic vision, the show doesn't fall into the trap of taking itself too seriously. The characters commonly share wit with the audience that the other characters don't necessarily get. Crichton's quips about how some scenes and characters remind him of Terran people and places are a gas.

Some of the characters of Farscape are physically outstanding, but the sexualization of their roles, however playful, has an unusual maturity and realism. Crichton and Aeryn share and sustain explicit sexual tensions far beyond what most scripts or actors have the capability to evoke. Watching them together, and the rest of the characters in the situations they find themselves, is sexually intriguing without being banal as so much television sex drama is.

The overall level of intensity, polish, and novelty to Farscape makes it well worth watching. On the opinions page there's more about what I like most (and least), but for now onto the pages and the rest of the net ring surfing!

What are the Farscape makes me think pages?

These pages are a mix of some spoilers, some speculation, and some screen shots. The ultimate test I use for measuring the impact of any form of art on me is whether it provokes me to think afterwards, and again and again Farscape presents situations that I keep thinking about.

Characters: Aeryn, Chiana, Crichton, D'Argo, Rygel, Zhaan,

Episodes: Jeremia Crichton, Durka Returns

Images: Moya, Peacekeepers, Places, Swamp, Implosions, The Flax

Other stuff: Opinions, Farscape SPECIAL Rules

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