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Most of this focuses on how gay issues relate to Christianity, specifically to the New Testement, but there are strong similarities in the way that homosexuality relates to other religions, except maybe Buddhism which is remarkably free of judgementalism in general, particular the kind of hateful wretchedness that other religions in general--Christianity specifically--have become famous for harboring.

One positive thing that has happened recently has been the public apology of one of the Focus on the Family founders. He felt he had no choice but to reject that show completely and ask for forgiveness, which is in my opinion an unusual display of humility. Another good example of this kind of surprisingly Christian behavior is the epiphany of Father Beattie, who realized after spending time with some gay people that there is a need for change.

A negative that has happened recently has been a resurgance of opposition to civil rights for gay people among the religious, highlighted by the return of Nebraska methodists to the practice of inquisition. My guess is that a willingness to stoop to such a thing as inquisition won't help them at any level.

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