From: (Rob Saunier)
Subject: Re: I've had better weeks..
Date: 27 Jan 1995 21:33:05 GMT

In article <3gb9mn$>, (Doogie) says:
>Well, my friend and collegue from the Lifegaurd
>Project, Bruce, died on Wednesday of AIDS related
>complications. When I spoke to him last week, 
>I could tell he was trying his darndest to keep track
>of his thoughts and the conversation. His husband
>Charlie called me yesterday morning to tell me
>that he held Bruce's hand as he passed on. That
>evening, I went to visit my friend Mark, who
>is in the the hospital with a sever case of PCP.
>He unfortunately looked much worse than when I visited him
>the previous Sunday. Major weight lost and more
>trouble breathing. I wonder if he'll make it.
>Mark's parents are coming in today. I have a feeling
>their in for quite a shock.

and when i called my friend Tom today, his mom told me he's 
in the hospital with TB and probably won't make it this time.
and my ex-roommate Bobby just got out of the hospital with 
more problems with his KS. Paul moved to Austin last week--but
he's still healthy anyway, except for being tired a lot. and at 
Paul's exit party, Shawn was completely plastered when he got there.
what's new? he lives on alcohol and cigarettes to avoid facing his
disease. too bad,we used to be so close. And Chad hasn't returned
my calls all week so i can't help wondering if he's having problems.

but nobody died this week.  yet.

>As for me, i'm doing barely ok. My doctor informed me
>that my cholesterol level is great and that I tested negative.

i can't even count the number of people i know who would 
love to be "barely ok". there are times when hiv seems a less 
harsh fate than outliving all your friends.

>      The irony is not lost on me...

sorry you're having a bad week. try to find a bright spot. look at 
it hard. 

--rob, who just for a minute had to look away from his own bright spot too.
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