From: (Greg Havican)
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Subject: Re: 1985 (Was Re: 1984)
Date: 8 Apr 1996 17:01:18 GMT

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(BuggboyDC)5 Apr 1996 15:27:47 -0500 writes:
:>In article <4k3ld1$>, (Arne
:>Adolfsen) writes:
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:>> (Rayder) writes:
:>>> Okay, it's time to do 1985 now.
:>>In 1985, I celebrated my 23rd birthday.
:>In 1985, I graduated high school and got my first boyfriend.

In 1985, after a nine year fight with HISD, I finally got my high school
diploma (I graduated in 1976).  

I was also diagnosed with colon cancer and promply dumped by my lover who
couldn't deal with the idea of being in love with someone who might die. 
(He died almost two years ago.  You might remember that I posted about it.)


P.S.  (For those of you who might actually worry) I no longer have colon

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