From: (Peter Hartikka)
Subject: Another one bites the dust
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 1994 20:18:32 GMT

On Friday, December 9, a man entered a third-floor office in the building 
where I work, smashed the window, then threatened to jump.  While members 
of the mental-health, medical, and security staff tried to talk him down, 
the fire and police departments arrived, and inflated an air bag under 
the window.  After an hour's negotiation, the man jumped and hit the edge 
of the air bag, but his fall was not cushioned, and he suffered massive 
head injuries from which he died on the way to the hospidal.

Why post this on soc.motss?  First, because the incident occurred at the 
LA Gay & Lesbian Community Services Center.  Most importantly, though, it 
has been reported, by someone who was directly involved, that he was 
"tweaking," i.e. under the influence of "crystal" (crystal methamphetamine).

For the benefit of those of you who don't live in West Hollywood: crystal
is the next gay plague.  It is a highly concentrated, smoke-able and
sniff-able form of speed.  Supposedly it gives its users heightened
concentration and the ability to party all night.  However, it is also an
anaphrodisiac which, when abused over a long period, causes severe mental
and physical symptoms, especially in people with HIV. Unfortunately, 
crystal use has become endemic in certain communities, especially the gay 
community in Southern California.

I pass no moral judgment on tweakers.  And I know better than to try to 
influence anyone's behavior, esp. on soc.motss.  :)  I can only report 
what I've seen, which is a series of ruined lives, including the suicide 
I witnessed on Friday.  So... think about it.  Our community's survival 
is at stake.
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