From: (Greg Havican)
Subject: Re: Strange Dreams, need your opinion
Date: 12 Apr 1995 04:13:28 GMT

Note--I would have quoted the original, but it's already expired on my 

While I've often dreamed of friends and loved ones who have died, the 
most striking memory I have of a similar event was one day when I went to 
visit one of my buddies in the hospital.  

It was lunch time, and I had come straight from the office to see Jerry.
When I walked into the hospital room, Jerry was sitting up in bed 
chatting away with a friend of his.  I stood in the doorway for a few 
minutes because it was obvious that Jerry was really happy to talk to be 
talking to this friend, and I didn't want to interrupt.  I felt a little 
odd overhearing the conversation, so I finally stepped into the room 
after about two minutes.  To my surprise, the only people in the room 
were Jerry and myself.

Jerry was a little embarrassed that I had walked in on his conversation, 
but after a few minutes he began to talk about it.  It seems that several 
of his friends (who were dead) had been visiting with him for several 
days.  He hadn't mentioned it to anyone because he felt they would think 
he was crazy.  I told him I believed that it was entirely possible that 
his friends were there with him and asked him about what they talked about.

Over the next week, I went by the hospital everyday on my lunch hour to 
visit with Jerry and to hear about what he had talked to his departed 
friends about that day.  It was fascinating because it allowed me to 
learn about aspects of Jerry's life that I had never heard before.

Finally, on the day before Jerry got out of the hospital, while visiting 
on my lunch hour, he held one of his conversations and invited me to join 
in.  I felt ackward at first, because obviously Jerry had to tell me what 
his friends said, but after about 15 minutes, it seemed to me that they 
were in the room with us also.  It turned out to be one of the most 
enjoyable conversations I've ever had.

Jerry got out of the hospital the next day, and died at home three days 
later.  Now, if I'm really lonely, I'll think back on those days and 
smile.  Sometimes, in my dreams, I talk to Jerry, and he answers me.  
Those are memories of a very special time in my life, and ones I'll 
cherish forever.

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