From: Richard Kinz 
Subject: Trouble at Jack-in-the-Box?
Date: Sun, 21 May 1995 15:18:06 -0700 (PDT)

From FidoNet, via THE BORED:

Subject: Jack in the Box problems

Wednesday, May 03, 1995

     Last October two gay men and their two straight workers
drove  into  the  Marina  Jack in  the  Box  to  get  a  few
hamburgers and some cokes. What they got was very  different
from  what they paid for. When the gentlemen pointed out  to
the  drive-through window that their order was  shorted  the
cashier told them "you faggots are lucky to get anything." A
shouting  match ensued between the ENTIRE STAFF of  Jack  in
the Box and the four customers.

      What  happened next was quite a surprise, as the staff
came out the back door surrounded the van screaming anti-gay
statements  and  the incident nearly came to  the  point  of
physical violence. The four men drove to the nearest  police
station and filed police statements against the Jack in  the
Box restaurant employees.

     Last January I was attacked by three men in the Jack in
the Box parking lot and now the parent corporation tells  me
that  they will not pay my medical bills which are mounting.
My  attack  was  also  an  anti-gay attack,  and  again  the
employees  of  Jack  in the Box were of no  help.  It  might
surprise  you to know that the gay community and the  Marina
residents of San Francisco are uniting against Jack  in  the
Box -- moving to close it down for being a public nuisance.

      If  there are any more reports of anti-gay attacks  on
Jack in the Box property across the nation please contact me
ASAP.  Should you know of any others besides yourself please
put  them  in  contact  with  me.
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