From: (Jack Carroll)
Subject: Re: Gay people tend to be less inteligent tha
Date: 14 Dec 1995 12:20:18 -0500

Jojo ( wrote:
[material deleted]

: I have, however, never encountered someone with clinically mild to
: severe mental retardation who was homosexual, and these people I think
: would have the least facility for hiding their orientations.

I came from a small town, 5,000 people.  The two "town queers" would 
probably have fit into those categories.  The older guy was certainly 
fairly retarded, had only very basic social skills.  The other was a 
classmate of mine, which is to say that he was passed through the system 
until he was old enough to leave.  He could barely read and write at age 
16, although he could interact socially in a limited way.  

He was certainly gay.  He sought out male sexual contact and had no 
interest in girls.  Unfortunately he was repeatedly raped by the straight 
guys, and no gave a shit because he was queer and white trash to boot.  
Eventually he and a boyfriend were picked up on some petty criminal 
charge and "put away" as the saying went.

A shame because he was a decent, harmless guy who was badly used by everyone.

Jack Carroll
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