From: (Ann Carlson)
Subject: it happened
Date: 9 Aug 1995 13:13:11 GMT

Well, it happened.

My boss called me into his office a few minutes ago and told
me to take down the rainbow flag sticker in my office.  He said
it wasn't "appropriate", particularly for a supervisor, to
display anything political that might make some employees feel
less welcome than others.

In some ways, I agree with him.  But I also thought that there'd
been a ruling that it was ok to display a certain amount of
stuff in your "personal" workspace - and my stuff was very
understated.  Ahwell.  I also hid my Bible and prayer book, and took
down the photo of John and me.  I've still got the star-trek
poster and lots of cat stuff posted.  Do you think that should
go too?  There might be dog people who feel less than welcome in
my office after all...

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