From: max@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Max Meredith Vasilatos)
Newsgroups: soc.motss
Subject: Re: Gaydar
Date: 17 Jun 1994 04:44:45 GMT (Christian Molick) writes:
>Meredith Vasilatos) writes:

>> Lesbians don't go to malls.

>You've never been to San Jose, obviously!

Certainly have.  After shocking the registration person at the
Hyatt because I was in chains and leather, my lover and I checked
into a nice room with a king size bed.  We ordered room service.

When I opened the door, the room service person looked at me,
looked at my lover, looked at the bed, and dropped our order
all over the floor.  This is a clue that there are malls in
San Jose.

Actually, I bought a pair of Colorado brand shoes at a mall
in Palo Alto a few years ago, and love them so dearly that
I've chased around the country (by phone) a bit to get another
pair.  But alas.  If anyone knows how I might get directly
in touch with the Colorado shoe company, I'd be deeply gratified.
In the meantime, my shoe fixers continue to try to fix them
(to some extent victims of Wiener, but also time), but the 
day will come when they no longer function, and they're *perfect*.

Also had a fabulous Thai dinner with a wonderful lesbian friend
in San Jose; didn't ask if she goes to malls.

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