From: (rayhill)
Subject: Re: homosexuals
Date: 13 Aug 1995 02:02:55 GMT

In article <40fl0a$> (Charles Beach) writes:

> After reading the one and only response in this section, it's obvious that 
> this particular person hates gays. As a sex theripist, and a once upon a 
> time gay, I have a certain degree of empathy for all practicioners. I have 
> discovered that frustration with straight sex has caused many people to 
> move over to the other side of the fence. Since starting my practice, I 
> have interviewed numerous gays trying to understand their desires and 
> motivations. My discoveries have with the gay population have enabled me to 
> compile a new book on the real art of love making. This amazing discovery 
> has enabled numerous people to, for the first time in thier lives 
> experience good uplifting sex with their mate. I'm speaking now about sex 
> being practiced with the opposite sex. If you would like additional "FREE" 
> information on this, key in

Attention readers of the above:

This is a posting from thr Restoration Ministries group. They are a
well funded program from the fundies to convert homosexuals. We have an
active chapter in Houston and it has been fun watching their fearless
leader as he goes from conservative talkshow to the arcade in adult
book stores. His message is always the same, "I'm cured; I'm cured; I'm
happily married; My wife is fully satisfied." Then as soon as the show
is over he rushes to the nearist book store looking for a dick to munch
on. If he is on a call-in show I can usually get a line and ask, "If
jesus can make you straight, why is he so powerless at making you
butch?" The host then tells us how manly he is and other callers call
in to attest to his masculinity, but with every sentence his effeminant
voice and effete manner of speaking convinces the audience of the truth
of my observations. It is even worse on television than on radio. Anita
Bryant's former husband had such a group. He was a recovered
homosexual. According to the papers filled in their divorce, she cought
him in a hotelroom not far from their recovery center with one of the
clients doing some interesting therapy. These people are being paid to
be "cured" and to be role models to lure the guiltridden self-hating
sons and daughters of fundie parents to these profit making
interprises. They are either "cured" or they are out of a job. There
are lots of un-cured former cured gay men out there. But it is hard to
give up a paycheck.
Ray Hill
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