[This post was in reply to a homophobic post.]

"On their walk back from their neighborhood bar to the Victorian [house]
which, over the years, they have lovingly restored, Warren and Mark stop
along San Francisco's Polk Street to pick up milk for breakfast...Just
for kicks, some wealthy teens from the valley drive into town to 'bust
some fags.'  Warren dips into a convenience store, while Mark has a
smoke outside. As Mark turns to acknowledge Warren's return, he is hit
across the back of the head with a baseball bat.  Mark's blood and vomit
splash across Warren's face.  At San Francisco General, Mark is dead on
arrival.  Subsequently in 1987, a California appellate court holds that
under no circumstance can a relationship between two
homosexuals--however emotionally significant, stable, and exclusive--be
legally considered a 'close relationship,' and so Warren is barred from
bringing any suit against the bashers for negligently causing emotional
distress, let alone for wrongful death."

-- Richard Mohr, A More perfect Union: Why Straight America Must Stand Up
   for Gay Rights, Beacon, 1994, pp. 33-34. ]

Another California case along the same lines involved a group of
teenagers who shotgunned a gay couple, killing one of the partners. The
surviving partner was left bereft, having been assaulted twice: once by
the gang, and once by the state and its supporters (YOU, should you fail
to notice), who define away the very nature of the relationships at the
center of the lives of many of us.

It must be very convenient -- very comfortable -- to imagine that you
are so removed from the policies that you support that you have no
accountability for their outcome when they DO result in misery in the
lives of your fellow citizens.

You should be ashamed of yourself.
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