From: (Doug Wyman)
Newsgroups: soc.motss
Subject: Re: Where did you meet?
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 18:54:47

  When I arrived on Okinawa as an 18 year old soldier, I noticed 
another GI on his motorscooter riding alongside the bus that took
me to my new base.  He and I became "buddies".  Neither of us had
any idea about our orientation.  

   We went everywhere togather and it felt so wonderful to sit across
from him in the NCO club and just look into his eyes.  To sit somewhere
where an arm or leg might touch was extatic.  The rest of the world ceased 
to exist at times.

   Then one magic day, we were working in the top security area of the
base that was our office.  We were both unable to concentrate on the
typing we were doing and started "horsing around".

  The wrestling slowed and we each realized the other was aroused.
It was very awkward, that first afternoon.  I would have said "first time"
but that would indicate one "encounter".  We spent the afternoon learning
different ways to excite the other.  We were oblivious of the danger
of discovery till later.

   From that day on, we found that every moment in private was bound
to turn into passion, so we rented a place off base.  It was, and still
is the most wonderful time of my life.

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