Subject: Tales from the Hearthland (part 1)
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 14:48:19 GMT

Well, I did it.  I moved from the raging Metropolis filled with crime,
dirt, poverty and fear into a small Midwestern town (35,000 on a good
day) that is at least 2 hours away from anything that would be
recognized as a livable gay city.  I have taken a job that I truly
enjoy, but is paying me about 1/2 what I would get in a large city.

On the other hand, I looked to purchase a fully restored 3100 square
foot 95 year old mansion with imported marble and woodwork (specially
selected from the "continent" at the turn of the century situated on 5
acres of land for an asking price of $79,000.  (I have been assured
that they will take much less).  So the living is a bit cheaper here.

My lover is winding up our affairs in the big city, and we are looking
to find him a job here also.  But, that might prove to be difficult.
While we are separated, I miss him dearly, and whatever I save in
living expenses is being paid directly to Sprint.

Also, my closest ISP is 22 miles away!  (Although I have been told by
two separate ISP's that they will be invading my little hamlet after
the first of the year).  Suddenly I have become aware of offline

Our NPR station is on AM (imagine that!).  And while I can get it
quite well in the car, for some reason, my stay over apartment (until
we find our Barbie (TM) dream house), blocks out the signal.
Something more to look at in the dream house.  I cannot fathom being
without NPR while living at the end of the earth.

Christianity is in heavy vogue here, with a different evangelical
church appearing on every corner.  Still, at an introductory Christmas
Party at "the" country club, one man at our table publicly feared that
his 6 year old son was going to grow up to be a "fag" because he was
so fastidious in his dressing technique.  

While this was greeted by an uncomfortable silence (I am not out here
AT ALL, this was just your average "your prejudices are out of place"
silence), I said, hey, he could become a world famous male model and
make more money than we'll ever see!  Look at Ru Paul!.  Amazingly,
they all knew who she/he is.

I am convinced I am the only gay person in the county (with a
population of about 100,000).  I have checked out the bathrooms in our
"mall" for graffiti - NONE!  Can you believe it?  I even checked out
the rest-stop on the interstate.  Again, nothing!  Either there is a
well attended bookstore somewhere, or the gays have all left for
greener pastures!

Well, enough for now.  I will periodically update you on living in
truly rural America.  It should be interesting . . .
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