From: (timothy evanson)
Subject: Re: Prominent Gay Athletes?
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 23:55:53 GMT wrote:
: The Associated Press recently reported that three of the best known athletes in
: the U.S.--one NBA, one NFL, and track and field--were talking to the Advocate
: about possibly coming out.  Any speculation on who they might be?  Any inside
: information?  I've also read about several gay baseball players?  Any guesses?

With there being a GREAT MANY NFL football players homosexual (I played 
against some of them in college football), and at least one former 
receiver openly gay as well, it was surprising that it took this long.

And yes, I know who he is...  And why he wants to come out.  The NFL 
player, anyway.

See ya...

Tim #1
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