From: (pHd)
Subject: Luke Sissyfag
Date: 6 Oct 1995 13:59:48 GMT

What a piece of work this guy is.

He came to D.C. a few years ago and made a big fuss about changing his
name to Sissyfag.  He claimed to be an AIDS activist and chased Clinton
around for not doing enough about AIDS. This was a nice start, but his
true agenda soon came out.  He then decided to run for mayor of D.C. and
took contributions from all over the country (even after he dropped out of
the race when he realized he didn't fill out the right paperwork to get on
the ballot).  Did I mention he also worked as a hustler to support

When local activists got fed up with his self-serving, immature b.s. and
Luke realized he wasn't getting as much media attention as he likes, he
went West.  Oh, did I mention Luke first went to Europe and Mexico to
spend his "campaign" and "daddy" money?

LA didn't treat him so well and Luke realized he was a small fish in a big
pond who would not get a role on STAR TREK: VOYAGER as the first openly
gay character nor would Heidi Fleiss hire him as an escort to the stars. 
So, can we say makeover?  Luke turned preppy-conservative and started
screaming about how gays should just shut up and assimilate.  He even went
on DONAHUE to push this agenda and, in the process, pissed off everyone
else on the panel and the entire audience to the point where Donahue had
to ask Luke if he was just a little to young and inexperienced to know
what he was talking about.

According to today's BLADE, Luke is now in his home state of Washington,
and is planning to change his name back to Montgomery.  Did I also mention
he is now an ex-gay Christian who is working with some Washington State
ChristiaNazi organization and is denouncing gays as immoral?

What's next Luke?  A sex change?  A personality transplant?  A
proclamation that you are the second coming of Christ?  Or, are you just
gonna grow up and finally realize how stupid you really sound?
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