Subject: Converting christians....
From: (Richard Burney)
Date: Tue, 02 May 1995 13:35:00 -0600

I live in a very religous town.  Lubbock TX.  We have a church every 1/8 mile
in any direction.  Myself I"m not religous at all.  I just wanted let everyone
know that I've had sex with plenty of married christian men.  They come out
to the adult bookstore (the local cruise spot) early sunday morning, looking
for some sex before church.  Something about going to church really makes them
horny.  I'm surprised none of them are worried about getting a stain on their
nice clean dress clothes or shiny gold wedding bands.  Wonder how their kids
would feel if they knew daddy had been on his knees sucking me off before
church?  Wonder what their wives would think if they could see them slurping
cock like a pro?  Of course sinning on the way to church is probably the best
way to go, you can get absolved of your sin quickly. ;)   It's also a lot of
fun to see them panic when they run into you in a public place with their
family.  They get this "Oh my god, I hope he doesn'talk to me!" look and try
to hurr[y along... (post clipped)]
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