From: Kowalski)
Newsgroups: soc.motss
Subject: Re: Jockophobia/Jockophilia
Date: 18 Apr 1996 22:02:02 GMT

I have never been particularly sports-oriented, but have never felt any
jockophobia as described by some.  IN FACT, my very first sex
experience with a man was in gym class at high school.  We were being
taught some wrestling holds, and in one of them you flip the guy over
your side and roll over on him face to face.  Needless to say, both I
and my partner got huge hard-ons.  Well we wriggled and writhed there
on the mat in front of the whole class of guys, and finally came at the
same time into our jocks!  YIKES!  What a powerful experience! 
Breathless! Stunned! I can still smell the sweat and come and feel the
flushed skin.

The coach, who was a hot-looking number with beefy hairy arms, pulled
us apart and assigned us to other partners without saying a word. 
After class in the locker room the coach came up to me and said "What
happened back there happens a lot with young guys.  But you can't allow
it to happen in front of other people." (end of sermon from him).  BTW,
the partner and I never talked about it... too afraid of rejection, I

Anyway, I kept that jockstrap for years, and developed a fondness for
sports-type clothing (if not for sports themselves).  I still wear a
jockstrap as underwear to this day, even (especially) under suits, and
favor Eddie Bauer clothes. I have always gotten along well with jocks
because (I guess) I don't feel intimidated by them or shy away. I was
always considered butch and  attractive to straight girls and was
friends with many, and think the guys thought maybe there was something
between us (yeah... we talked about all the cute guys in school and how
big their things must be). Several guys who caught on said "I ain't
never messed around with no guys, but if I was to, it would be with
somebody like you". (No, I never did it with them.)

So I have a curious camaraderie with straight jocks (but not with their
sports). I like to watch swimming/diving, running, and other "beautiful
body" type sports, and until I twisted my knee and ankle in a rabbit
hole (it was a big rabbit), used to run and be in shape. There is no
reason to have jockophobia because you're gay.... most of them (most of
them - does not mean all of them) are really nice, sensitive guys who
may have a touch of homophobia (we can't all be perfect all the time)
and prefer to have sex with motos (like your sister, maybe), but if you
don't camp your ass off in front of them or pull a major swish number,
they don't care if you're gay. And if they do care, they are an
opportunity to practice your educational program and show how normal we
gays really are.

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