From: MenuUser 
Subject: My first party
Date: 22 May 1995 13:10:15 GMT

Well, I promised I would make them famous, so here goes.
First a little background:
I am now 31 years young and decided it was time to get myself a life.
A week ago on Saturday (13 May) I finally found the nerve to go an 
introduction meeting for women at the nearest gay & lesbian organisation.
(BTW: thank you, Sim, or whoever does European weather, for making it a 
fine evening, despite bad predictions. I would not have gone if the weather 
had been bad).
For some reason, I was the only one who wanted to be introduced that month,
so I had the full attention of the four women who formed the introduction
We had great fun introducing ourselves en discussing coming out.
After the meeting, we went to the party that had started downstairs.
This was my first women/lesbian-party (at my age, imagine.)
It was great. I actually managed to stay in a crowded place without 
feeling claustrophobic.
So, before I left, I promised to make them all famous by writing about
them. 'Them' being the people of the C.O.C.-N.V.I.H. in Utrecht 
(the Netherlands).

There is a part two to this.
A week later (last Saturday), there was an "over 30" party at the same
club. I went there and I still haven't worked out if that was a good 
The women of the introduction-committee were there, and congratulated
me on coming. However, I did not have their full attention this time, 
and since most women were there with friends, I ended up being on my
own and feeling sorry for myself (as usual at parties).
So I think the next thing to do is follow the committee's advice and
volunteer for some group or other, to get to know more people.

Marina Muilwijk, just wanting to tell someone
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