From: (Victor Janoff)
Subject: Re: Speaking of the Canucks... (was Re: Top 5 Cities in Cana
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 94 06:18:40 -0700 (PDT)

I tend to agree with the fellow who questions our underlying heterophobia.
When I tell fellow faggots that I actually feel more comfortable around
hetero men than gay men, I get accused of being "self-hating."  When I hang
out with beer-swilling working class guys, my middle-class friends accuse
me of "slumming" or "are concerned" about me.

Having just lived through the hockey riots in Vancouver (the worst mob
action Western Canada has ever seen), it makes me fear not beer-swilling
heteros but the socio-economic system of apartheid they live under.  If you
think that makes me  an armchair socialist, that's your opinion.

By the way, just talk to a cute 20-year-old rioter who got cruised by a
26-year-old riot squad cop in the middle of the riot.  The cop literally
sheltered him with his shield, accompanied him to his car, and gave the kid
his phone number!

Grace under pressure.
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