From: (Pieter Hazewindus)
Newsgroups: soc.motss
Subject: A Country Out There (was Re: WOCKNER/BOB PARIS & ROD JACKSON BREAK UP)
Date: 13 Aug 1996 01:23:36 GMT (Ellen Evans) writes:
|> Jess Anderson  wrote:
|> >Ellen Evans  wrote:
|> >>Maybe life in Madison *is* rilly, rilly different.
|> >*Everyplace* is different from LA, of course.
|> There's a whole country out there.

The revolution started at Eighteenth and Castro Saturday afternoon.
It happened a few minutes after the power went out in San Francisco
(and most of the Western United States), and none of the traffic
lights worked.  A drag queen, with a beehive 'do and white gloves,
deciding that This Is The Place, stepped into the middle of the
intersection, and started directing traffic.

And people obeyed.  (They feared those nails on the paint job, I'm
sure.)  And traffic flowed better than ever;  Jack observed that
you could finally make a left turn in reasonable time.  Since all
the shops closed, and the bars were dark, there was a huge appreciative
audience.  It was fabulous.

Life in San Francisco *is* rilly, rilly different.

|> 17 Across: The "her" of "Leave Her to Heaven" 
|> New York Times, 7/14/96

I know that one!  It's a rerun of "Ellen"!

Pieter Hazewindus
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