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Subject: Re: What my boss did
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 02:21:02 GMT (Mange Grrrl) Mumbled:

}i work in a very small psychology research office.  when i say small, i 
}mean it's just my boss, me, and one other part time worker.  i've been 
}working with my boss for nearly five years now, since i was an 

}about a month ago, i came out to him.  i hadn't planned to.  we pulled up 
}in the parking lot at the same time.  as we walked up the stairs together 
}he asked me what my bumper sticker (my rainbow flag) meant.  "it's a gay 
}pride symbol", i said.  i amazed myself by answering the question 
}truthfully and without getting too nervous.  he replied with, "oh, i 
}didn't realize that."  that was about it.

}today, i am here in the office alone.  i was running around, looking for 
}a calculator, when i spotted a new sticker on my boss's door.  it bore  
}pink and black triangles and read "safe person, safe space".  it is from 
}the 'allies project' of the University of Maryland, where his wife 
}teaches.  i've seen these at other colleges -- basically they mean that 
}the owner of the office is accepting of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals and 
}that it is 'safe' to be out to that person.  wow.  i was pretty amazed.  
}now i feel so lucky to work in this office (the company policy also has 
}sexual orientation written into its equal opportunity statement).

}now i'm not sure if i should say anything to show my appreciation for his 
}consideration.  for now, i think i won't.

This is a wonderfull thing to hear about, and I'm so glad you posted it. 
I would like to add my two cents worth though. If it were me, I'd thank my
boss, or at least comment on what he did. 
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