From: (Arne Adolfsen)
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Subject: Re: just came out
Date: 3 Sep 1996 13:00:41 -0700

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> >Lastly, A lot of people suggested a counsellor or therapist. 

> What about suggesting that your parents speak with their rabbi?  Are they
> observant Jews?  Is the rabbi reasonable?  This could help.

I hate to be a wet blanket on this subject once again, but I
do think it should be kept in mind that some parents NEVER,
EVER, EVER will accept their lesbigay children.  My parents
found out that I was gay 25 years ago -- that is, a couple of
years before I was born -- and they still won't discuss it
and they still won't accept it, which is why I've pretty much
cut them out of my life.  Even though they live less than 10 miles
away from me, I don't think I've talked to them more than twice
in the past three or four years.  In cases like mine you just have
to pick out your own surrogate family.
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