From: (Allen Carson)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.homosexuality
Subject: Re: I'M CONFUSED
Date: 9 Aug 1994 07:37:56 GMT

In <326ddf$bn1@usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu> ah178@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael J. Hornyak) writes: 

>I quite don't understand why all these people have to write
>gay hate mail.  Where do they get all the time do it?  Is that
>thier full time job to clutter the hard disk space full of junk?
>If you don't want to see GAY things don't look in the gay sections!
>in  other words just leave us alone!  Do we bother you no we have
>better things to do with our time.  We do a lot things that better
>our community.

Yes, it is sad. Here's a story:  I used to work with this guy who
was just a raving homophobe.  It was constantly fag this and queer 
that, AIDS, hell, the whole schmere.  It got
so bad that a group of us, straights included, decided to have a 
talk with the office manage.  Before we could do this, it stopped
completely.  Not a word out of him.  I left that job, but two years
later I saw Mr. Homophobe in a gay bar, hair poofed, reeking of 
cheap cologne, pink LaCoste shirt, etc. with his arm around a young
man.  The place was crowded, but I made sure he noticed me.  He
tried to ignore me, but I sent over a drink.  He squirmed the entire
time I was there and never did acknowledge me.  

So the moral of the story is that *I* think these guys who post all
the homophobic crap are repressed queens.  And from what I have seen,
when they come out, they come out TACKY.
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