Date: Tue,  8 Aug 1995 07:52:26 UTC
Subject: Need information...

I am an early-twenties, closted gay male living in a small Utah (Mormon)
community.  I recently met somebody on the 'net who turned out to live in
my area, we got together, and before I knew it, things went too far.

I ended up both giving (for a minute or two) and getting (for five minutes
or so) oral sex.  I didn't even think until a couple days later about the
risks involved, and now I'm scared.  I need to know several things:

	1) What is my level of risk?  I know that the risk from oral sex
	   is not zero, but I don't know how great it is--especially for
	   so short a time.

	2) I'm seriously thinking of coming out to my parents, telling them
	   the whole story, and then getting tested, but I don't dare get
	   tested until it's not a problem if I see somebody I know.  Acting
	   on the assumption that I *am* infected, what precautions do I
	   need to take to avoid infecting anybody in my family until I
	   know for sure?

Replies via E-Mail would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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